Fritzpw_Admin says, Hello everyone!
Fritzpw_Admin says, I am so glad you could join us tonight for our chat with Lisa Whelchel.
Fritzpw_Admin says, Lisa, thanks for coming tonight. Update us where you are in your trek across the United States?
Lisa_Whelchel says, We've been spending the last month in Texas with family in Ft. Worth and E. Texas and the rest of the time seeing family and friends in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and the Southern tip of Texas! It makes me even prouder to be a Texan than I was before!
guest3028 asks, Hi Lisa will you be continuing your journal upon returning home?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I do plan to continue the journal probably once a week at that point.
guest3077 asks, When will your devotional CD's be out? How are they coming along?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I don't know exactly when they will be coming out. Uhmmm... I'm trying to think... Possibly the Fall of this year. But Tyndale is very excited and we will probably be doing more than we originally planned because the demos turned out so well!
guest3073 asks, Are you still homeschooling?
Lisa_Whelchel says, Absolutely! This is probably one of our best homeschool years yet! Believe it or not, they are making more progress in Math and Language Arts than I has expected... And then of course, the hands on learning of History and Science is just part of the trip.
nanageek asks, What curriculum do you use for home schooling?
Lisa_Whelchel says, It has changed every year since the beginning. This year we are Kumon Math and Daily Grams for Language Arts,. They also write post cards and I have a notebook of the states we've visited with reports and pictures of the things they've learned. I'm really excited about next year when we return home. I have entered into a partnership with Alpha Omega for the children to do their home schooling online. This is especially comforting to me, since Tucker is entering Jr High and Haven is fast on his trail... Especially in Math!
guest3079 asks, What made you decide to homeschool? Was it only because of Tucker or were there other reasons? I'd like to homeschool and was just curious as to what the deciding factor was for you to homeschool.
Lisa_Whelchel says, The original factor was financial. I had always assumed that I would put them in a private Christian school. By the time I had three kids ready to enter school, we were living on my husband's single salary and the funds weren't available. Although there are some terrific public schools in Los Angeles, there are also many that I would be afraid to send my kids to. Home schooling was really the only option left that made sense. Once we got into it, we discovered that it was a perfect fit for our family. I don't believe that home schooling is the right choice for EVERY family, but it works great for OUR family! I have the temperament for it and my kids enjoy it. It's beneficial for each of them for different reasons. For Tucker, obviously, it's easier for him than having to sit still all day in a class of 30 doing busywork. It affords Haven the opportunity to move ahead in the areas where she excels. Clancy is a "momma's girl"... It affords her the security of being close to me before she is ready to be sent out into the sometimes-cruel world.
guest3079 asks, I recently read your book creative correction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't see much about the younger children and was curious how you dealt with the one year old age group. I have a wonderful one-year-old daughter who tends to bite whenever she is angry, although sometimes she does throw things and also pinch. I think it depends on which will get her point across. Do you have any advice?
Lisa_Whelchel says, I could get into trouble for this... But a quick swat on the hand was pretty effective when our kids were toddlers. They understood immediately what I was trying to say... Even when I couldn't communicate with words. They also understood the forgiving "hug" that always followed.
guest3076 asks, Lisa- I was wondering if you would ever write a book about your experience on the show "The Facts of Life". The show has had a major impact on many people, younger and older, and it would be nice to see what you learned and experienced on the show.
Lisa_Whelchel says, It would have to be a very short book because I have a very short memory! Unfortunately, I remember very few specific memories from my time of the Facts of Life. It was more of an overall sense of fun and good times. Maybe that's why I'm such a big believer in scrap booking! In case one of my kids have inherited my "less than stellar" memory.

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