I receive so many emailers asking the following question: "Should I hang in there or give up on a bad marriage?"  As you can tell, there are many problems with this question. First, I don't have an either/ or response to the question. I don't want you to hang in there on a troubled relationship, but that doesn't mean I'm encouraging you to jump ship. How about a third option--repairing the relationship.

Too often when we're in a troubled situation, the only thing we focus on is the door. "Get me out of here," we think. Or, we try the same remedies we've always tried and yup, we get the same crummy results. Again, how about trying something new? There are tools available to us to strengthen and repair relationships. There are Biblical principles which apply that can transform a troubled marriage.

Let's talk about some new strategies for repairing a relationship riddled with criticism, bickering and sarcasm. What would you say to the person who is tired of conflict, burned out on marriage, and thumbing through the want ads for a new place to live?