Is Your Lord Large Enough: How C.S. Lewis Expands Our View of God
Peter J. Schakel
InterVarsity Press, 2008, 208 pp., $16.00,

Pulling 12 theological themes from C.S. Lewis’ vast collection, Schakel uses his mastery of Lewis’ works to create this devotional book designed to help individuals or groups expand their understanding of God. Each of the 12 sections borrow from several Lewis volumes in order to create a topical patchwork of material, concluding with a Narnian example of the theological topic and questions for each discussion.

In some places, Schakel offers a useful summary of some of Lewis’ best known works. For those who only have waded into the Lewis collection, here they also will be introduced to some of his lesser known writing and insights.

Schakel’s goal is in harmony with what he believes Lewis’ was: to “help believers achieve growth in their Christian lives.” Regardless of their familiarity with Lewis, readers will find this thematic exploration into “imaginative theology” inspirational.