I'm only five seasons late in finally achieving a vehicle with which to share my many thoughts about television's greatest show, but that's the breaks. I don't think not having entered my code here since 2004 is going to cause any planes to fall from the sky. At least I hope not.

Besides, the Season Six premier is still so far away. Connecting with it seems as impossible as putting the 1977 and 2007 LOSTies back together again. But that's where the fun begins. It's like a puzzle. Or better yet, a game.

When last we left the island, we were finally properly introduced to Jacob, dressed in white, and his nemesis, the nefarious "man in black" who made it known that:

  • Jacob's belief in people is greatly flawed
  • He's going to find a loophole through which he will (at long last?) kill Jacob (the implication is that there are "rules" in place that prevent this from being done directly).

And as the LOST producers told us, the revelations such as this one in the Season Five finale would be -- and I think they were being more literal than we at first believed -- a "game-changer."

I've had a whole summer since viewing those scenes to digest what happened and where I think we go from here. Those will be subjects we will discuss often in the coming weeks in much MUCH more detail. For now, suffice to say that this concept of a "game" is (I reserve the right to change my mind) the lens from which I will be viewing all that has happened and what might yet come to pass on the show. Consider and recall things like:

  • Locke's backgammon set -- "one black, one white"
  • The "war" that so many characters have said is coming, involving two sides
  • The religious overtones throughout the course of show
  • The game that Jacob and his counterpart seem to be playing with each other
  • The strange rules that seem to be in place as it applies to the island, governing it, the Others, territory, movement, etc.
  • The way some characters have been "marked" -- as in the way Jacob, in the past, touched several of the Lostaways

What am I getting at? I believe that all along we have assumed the name of the show was more concerned with the spiritual condition of characters who had messed up lives and now received fresh starts, as well as the physical reality of being "lost" on an island that didn't seem to be on the map. It was about good-evil, right-wrong, lost-found. Now? Now I'm thinking it has been much more about a game in which somebody will win or has won, and somebody will lose or has...


The other extremes of morality and sin and the human condition may turn out to not matter as much, may turn out to be vehicles of their own to drive a story, may turn out to only be secondary to the primary plot, which may be bigger and more Eternal-Conflict-ish than any of us dared imagine.

Who won? Who Lost? And why would the show be more about that side? Hmmmm...


I want to explore those ideas and their implications in more detail in the coming weeks. I plan to do this through:

  • Updating you on tidbits we learn about the upcoming season
  • Reviewing the previous five seasons through this new lens, and through simply looking back at what we know
  • Linking you to what smarter people than me have written or are writing about LOST
  • Exploring the redemptive, sacrificial, and other Christian themes in the show

Once Season Six gets here, we'll be in almost non-stop discussion about what the heck it is we just saw, as it is sure to be mind-blowing. For now, I invite you to journey back with me to the beginning, as we spend this Fall remembering how we got here and reconsidering what it all might mean. If you are new to LOST, or have not considered the show through a lens of Christian or religious ideas, then happily come along. We're always interested in creating more disciples of this excellent show, and I'm convinced you'll get a lot out of it, as there are so few shows that touch so deeply and thematically on literature, history, civilization, religion, mystery, and the unknown.

It should be a wonderful journey, though a sad one, as the end is now in sight, even if the "beginning" seems a long way off still. Looking forward to it, and tell your friends!