When one attempts to come up with a cool LOST blog five seasons into the show's run, all the cool titles are already taken. And when one tries to be too silly with the title of said blog, perhaps over-emphasizing one's desire to talk up the Christian themes, one sometimes catches funny looks from one's executive editor.

Obviously, we eventually settled on "LOST in Translation" for this blog, and I'm fine with that. But if this were my world in the same way that the Emmys for best actor are Michael "Benjamin Linus" Emerson's world, one of these titles might have won out instead:

  1. Speak LOSTly and Carry a Jesus Stick (I miss Mr. Eko)
  2. I Once Was LOST... (you know, from Amazing Grace)
  3. Making LOST out of Nothing at All (too Air Supply?)
  4. LOST in Love (see above)
  5. LOST Salad: A Veritable Cornucopia of Easy-to-Swallow Losty Goodness
  6. Things Won and LOST (seeing as how this concept is where I am now putting all my deductive energies regarding what is going on with this show)
  7. Praise Father, Son, and Charlie's Ghost (nah)
  8. The Dharma Initiative, The Hatch, Daniel Faraday's Mom, When Did Kate Go from Hot to Annoying?, Why is Someone Named Christian Shepherd so Stinking Scary?, ...and other show-related names that don't really mean anything
  9. Dental fLOST: Masticating on All of the Chewy, Delicious Details (didn't even bother to bring this one up)
  10. Frozen Shawn-Key Wheel (can never go wrong throwing your own name into one of the show's craziest scenes and contrivances... right?)