Available for: Nintendo DS

Scribblenauts is one of the most innovative games published for the Nintendo DS to date.  In this action puzzle game you play Maxwell, a Scribblenaut who ventures through the land solving puzzles and helping those who cannot help themselves.  His ultimate goal is to retrieve the starite from each level, something he can only do by solving the challenge before him.  While Maxwell would likely figure out these puzzles on his own, you're luckily there to help guide him with stylus in hand and primary school vocabulary in mind.  That's right, your brain's vocab vault is the limit to how you help Maxwell solve problems.  I'll explain...

You start a new challenge (new level) in the game.  Before you is a tall tree with a starite sitting comfortably on top.  How do you get the starite down?  Your imagination is the limit.  Type in the word "chainsaw" and use your stylus to give Maxwell the chainsaw that immediately appears on screen.  Then click on the tree and he'll do quick work of that obstacle, bringing the starite down for him to collect.  Want to solve the same challenge in a more interesting fashion?  Type in "airplane" using the on-screen keyboard and then hop Maxwell into the cockpit.  Within seconds you can fly to the top of the tree and fetch the starite.  It really is that imagination-driven!


The first time you play Scribblenauts, you play through a thorough tutorial that teaches you all the ins and outs of puzzle-solving with Maxwell.  You have two main tools that are equally handy depending on your situation.  The first is a magnifying glass.  During play, if you click on the magnifying glass, then on any object on the screen, a box will appear identifying the object.  This comes in handy when objects are stacked on top of each other or you really aren't sure of the location or an object's purpose.