Available for PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, DS, Wii, PSP

A worthy sequel to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 serves up all new heroes and simplifies the upgrade system while staying true to the beloved gameplay that characterizes this franchise. While it could be said that this installment is somewhat more of the same, fans of the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games will embrace its hard-hitting, high action gameplay.

The first Marvel Ultimate Alliance ended with the defeat of Dr. Doom in his home country to Latveria. This installment begins years later as your team of Marvel Super Heroes help Nick Fury launch a non-sanctioned pre-emptive strike against Latveria's Prime Minister, Lucia Von Bardas. She declares revenge a year later with a retaliatory attack on New York City.

Along with various other Super Hero incidents, public outrage against Super Heroes erupts. The government passes the Superhuman Registration Act into law and Super Heroes must register as weapons of mass destruction under the control of the United States government. Lines are drawn as Captain America leads an Anti-Registration group against Iron Man's Pro-Registration side. The player must choose a side to fight for and determine the fate of both humankind and super-humankind.


Like its predecessor, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2's true gem is its control scheme.  This is especially true when you're playing this game on the PS3, PS2 or Xbox360.  These systems give a simple, straight forward control scheme while the Wii has a few movement-based controls. This means you will have to push, pull and shake the controllers in order to perform some abilities.  While it can be amusing for some, serious fans of hack-and-slash gameplay will prefer the traditional control pad layout the other systems offer.  Regardless, flawless integration between your controller and what you see on the screen means when you push a button, the mapped action happens immediately.

The sheer number of Marvel characters available to play are any comic lover's dream.  From Spider-Man to Venom, the Fantastic Four, Green Goblin and Iron Fist, the list will only grow with downloadable characters coming in the near future.  Beyond the multitude, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 introduces fusion, special moves that team up two characters for unique combos.  If you do a fusion move with Ironman and Wolverine, Ironman blasts Wolverine's claws, causing rays of destructive energy to cast in various directions.  These Fusion moves can mean the difference between winning or losing a boss battle, and since they are unique depending on who the two characters are, it never gets old trying new ones out.