As expected from this franchise, the graphics are stunning representations of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes.  The locations are just as detailed as you wander through castles, Washington D.C., subway tunnels, and more.  Because the environments are destructible in this game, the player can discover interaction between lamp posts, parked cars, benches, etc.  All of the animation is pretty to look at, much like the comics these heroes come from.


First and foremost, this game is based on the fantastical world of Marvel Comics.  And while there are many redeeming qualities of Super Heroes, there is also violence associated with them.  In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, you will find a level of violence no greater than any other video game based on a comic.  There is no bloody dismemberment, no limbs lying about or anything terribly gruesome.  It's your standard Super Heroes and Super Villains beating up on each other.  In the process of doing so, cars and buildings explode, boxes are smashed and brutal plots spoiled.  But in the end, for this genre, the level of violence depicted in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is on par with its peers.

The game is officially rated T by the ESRB.  T stands for Teen and such a rating comes with it the following warning: "Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language."  In the case of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, this game contains warnings for only Violence and Mild Language.  The use of the term "Mild" by the ESRB specifically conveys low frequency, intensity or severity of whatever it modifies (in this case Language).  During my time testing of this game I never heard a single use of profanity, though according to the label it does indeed contain a small dose of profanity.

In general, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 isn't bloody, blatantly offensive or overtly sexual.  It's heroes and villains muscling it out with super powers.  A discerning parent can definitely trust their instincts on this title keeping in mind that it is suitable mainly for teenagers.

Some Perspective

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is somewhat of a timely game because of the political issues it addresses in its plot.  While not directly a correlation to any real-life laws coming into effect, the Superhuman Registration Act speaks to the politically charged atmosphere in modern America.  As players choose sides, the lines drawn in the game are quite close to Republican and Democrat party lines with both sides being quite convincing.  One could argue that which side you choose in this game defines which way you swing politically as a current or future American voter.  Because one's faith plays a part in their political stances on various issues it will likely also play a part in one's decision to support one faction or the other in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Other than the political themes presented in this game, any other possibly morally offensive themes lie in the back stories of the characters played and are not retold in this game.

(Rated T for Teen | 13+ age | Violence, Mild Language)