The teams arrived at a dock where they had to take rickety, wooden motor boats to a farm (of sorts) where they had to transfer mud (from mud pits … as in, sink-in-to-up-to-almost-your-waist type of pits) to the bases of surrounding trees and cover the roots (fertilization!) and on up until a red marker on each tree's trunk.  Once the mark was reached with the right amount of mud, team members had to find Mr. Farmer to approve and then he gave them their next clues.

I'll skip to the chase and will just say that that whole part of the leg was just a big ol' messy mud bath.  Lots of slipping and sliding while balancing bowlfuls of sloppy earth and trying to pat it all down.  The teams all did their jobs and got their clues.  They hopped back into their boats, got back to the dock and then made their way to a place where they had to herd ducks.  That's right.  Waving two long flags, a member from each team had to corral the ducks through a set of maze-like fences, over a little bridge and back and into a sectioned-off area and then secure a gate, get the next clue and run to the Final Destination.

Okay, now I'm tired just relaying all of that.  But a few quick things to note during the duck herding:  Brian and Ericka and Garrett and Jessica don't do so well under pressure.  Tempers were flaring and words were flying (unlike the ducks).  On the other hand, a Zen-like Zev (deemed "The Duck Whisperer" by some of the other teams) had no problems guiding and steering his ducks in a row.  Will this sense of calm under pressure be his secret weapon in the challenges to come?  We shall (calmly) see.

All teams made it to check in and were counted, but who would the last team be?  Brian and Ericka and Garrett and Jessica were tailing and had the most trouble with their ducks.  Alas, Garrett and his "spirited" Jessica were last and were thusly eliminated.

Until next week, stay tuned to The Amazing Race.  And I'll be back to blog about another episode which hopefully will not include Wasabi, mud or annoying former beauty queens (did I just say that?).


The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central.  Plan your schedule accordingly.

You can watch "Elimination Station" interviews with the most recently eliminated team here.  Or to watch Episode One in its entirety online, go here.