• Herbert and Nathaniel:  1st Place!  Go, go, Globetrotters!  Nathaniel again said he was doing TAR for his father who recently passed away before this season began.  It's really hard not to like Team Globetrotter.  They're definitely in it to win it.

• Meghan & Cheyne:  2nd Place.  Team All American came in a close second.  They've definitely got the right spirit and stamina.  Plus, they're all smiles (Crest White Strips endorsement anyone?).  Nary a harsh word between them.  But they're not married.  Could that be a factor?  Just asking. 

• Gary and Matt:  3rd Place.  Coming in third, Team Father & Son.  They seem to be working well together.  No bickering yet.  At one point, though, Matt acknowledges he should have listened to his dad when trying to get their bearings and find a cab in Ho Chi Minh. 

• Brian and Ericka:  4th Place.  Team Zebra (that's what this interracial couple has dubbed themselves) leaped from 10th to 4th place.  Unbelievable.  Perhaps a former beauty queen and her nice-guy husband will surprise me in the end.  They trotted through this week fairly unscathed.

• Sam and Dan:  5th Place.  Team Bro's lifestyle secret is still in tact, and they still seem to be helping out the Team Poker ladies quite a bit.  Not sure how much longer they'll continue playing friendly.  As long as they need to and probably as long as Team Poker is still in the game.  You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours … until I find out you're lying to me.

• Maria and Tiffany:  6th Place.  Team Poker is hanging in there, despite having a wheel break on their dolly during the Child's Play challenge.  Team Bro tried to help them out, but Team Poker sweetly said "thanks but no thanks" and told them to keep going.  The brawn in this equation (Tiffany) hoofed it and secured another dolly to stay in the race and carry on the ceramic animal goodness. 

• Mika and Canaan:  7th Place.  Not as much criticism between Team Music City members this week, but that could be due to the nature of the challenges.  Maybe less technical or brainy this time.  Or in their case, more "creative" as they "danced" for the water puppets to try and get them to come closer (?), so they could retrieve the clue instead of trying to grab it out of the puppets' mouths (like eeeeeeveryone else did).  Um, okay.

• Zev and Justin:  8th Place.  Zev, last week's "Duck Whisperer," seemed a little distracted and less Zen-like this week.  Perhaps the ceramic animals didn't speak to him as much as last week's live participants did.  He just seemed a little tuckered out.  Not sure if Team Buds will able to keep up with the more athletic teams.

• Lance and Keri:  9th Place.  They could be out next week (hope so).  It took them forrrrrrrrrrrrever to realize that the picture of the post office was the clue.  Oy vey.  But wait, once Team Hothead (seriously, folks … they both have mouths on them) got to VCR purgatory, Lance was ripping the VCRs apart with his bare hands (no tools, nothing).  Props for that.  He made up some serious time for the team.

So that's it for this week, friends.  Until next time, keep it simply amazing.  And keep watching The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central.  Plan your schedule accordingly.

You can watch the "Elimination Station" interview with Ron and Marcy here.  Or to watch the most recent episode in its entirety online, go here.