So how would you like it if you had rocketed from nearly last place to first place in the most recent leg of The Amazing Race?  Cool, huh? 

But then … then you found out after checking in with friendly friend and host Phil Keoghan that you'd somehow lost your passport.  And if you didn't find it and return to the final pit stop before the last team arrived, well then you'd be out of the race. 


Yes, that's what happened to Team Bud (Zev & Justin).  That would be the team who've been friends (hence the "bud" in my team nickname) since they met at summer camp years ago.  And they would be simply amazing no more.

After challenges that included flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, searching for the Foreign Correspondents Club and receiving an assignment from an "editor," finding a suite in a hotel named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, choosing between two different challenges ("Wrap" - find a woman wearing a particular scarf in a huge and crammed indoor marketplace OR "Cover" - successfully sell motorcycle helmets to a family of four), mimicking a monkey and completing three maneuvers (requiring some balance and physical skill) under the tutelage of a "monkey master" and racing to the final pit stop at a Buddhist shrine, we only thought that Team Bud was going to pull off a major upset victory.

And they did.  For about a minute.  Right until Zev discovered his passport was missing.  So Team Bud walked back over to host Phil and told him about the problem.  Team Bud then found the receipt from their taxi ride (the same driver had driven them from the airport once they reached Cambodia to each challenge and then to the shrine), saw a phone number listed and decided, as their first course of retrieval action, to call their driver and look for the missing passport in the taxi. 

During this time, all of the other teams made it to the shrine and checked in.  And in this order:

1st = Sam & Dan (Team Bro)
2nd = Brian and Ericka (now calling themselves Team Jungle Fever.  Enough already.)
3rd = Herbert and Nathaniel (Team Globetrotter)
4th = Gary & Matt (Team Father & Son)
5th = Meghan & Cheyne (Team All American)
6th = Lance & Keri (Team Hothead)
7th = Mika & Canaan (Team Music City)
8th = Maria & Tiffany (Team Poker)

Surprisingly, Team Bro (Sam & Dan) have shot to the lead from last week's fifth place finish (didn't expect that).  But the top five this week were all in the top five last week; the only difference is that they've just changed positions, but are still showing that they continue to be contenders.  The bottom three positions continue to stay on the lower end of the standings (they've also reshuffled a bit).   

Perhaps my hunch that Team Bud might not be able to keep up was not all that wrong last week.  I thought it would be due to athleticism, but Team Bud's failure this week really just pointed to sheer forgetfulness or not-being-careful-ness.

In the episode's final moments when they couldn't find the passport and knew they were probably going to lose, Team Bud's Justin implied that he should have been more watchful of Zev (perhaps in reference to Zev having Asperger's Syndrome?) and then shared that he felt the loss was his fault. 

But amazingly, Team Bud ended on a positive, feel-good note …

"We're going to be better friends because of it," Justin shared.  Zev then said his experience on The Amazing Race showed him that he didn't have to keep the same routine every day now (in regards to his Asperger's).  "I can go out and do different things and succeed in them."

Yes, you can, Zev.  Yes, you can.  Proud of you, bud!  You ran a good race.

Well, that's it for this week, my friends.  Until next time (we're going to Dubai!), keep it simply amazing and keep watching The Amazing Race.


The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central.  Plan your schedule accordingly.

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