We can't live without water.  But I think we can live without The Amazing Race.  At least I can.  That's how I felt after watching this week.  Seriously bored.  But hopefully that will soon change.

Moving on …

As my title suggests, water was key in the challenges this week.  To get to the H20, teams first received this clue:  "Fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world's tallest building."  They then had to figure out that it was in Burj, Dubai (and is nearly twice as tall as the Empire State Building).

Once they reached the airport in Cambodia (their last pit stop from episode four), all teams made it on to the same flight and touched down in Dubai where they had to taxi to the building and sign in on a white board.  Teams could ride in two groups up to the top of the building (five teams per group) with 15 minutes between departures.

Once they reached the top of the building (144th floor), the teams received their next clue to make their way to a parking structure where they found a car assigned to them and drove themselves to a conservation reserve in the desert.  A Fast Forward was offered at this point.  And Team All American (Cheyne and Meghan) decided to take it (they were the only team to go for the FF … more on that in a minute).

On to the desert … and the water …

Form of … a liquid!  Once teams reached the reserve, they then had to search for an urn filled with water (amongst multiple urns that were half-buried in the sand).  As they scrambled up and down dunes, searching for urns, teams kept finding them empty.  Finally, one by one, the teams found the urn with water, ladled some H20 into their water bags and took them to the Bedouin standing with some camels and then received the next clue.

Form of … crystallized vapors!  The teams were then instructed to drive back into the city to Ski Dubai, a large indoor ski complex (several football fields in length) where there were two choices presented:  build a snowman or find a snowman.

Teams that chose to "find a snowman" had to dig in the snow (with their bare hands) to find a small snowman figurine.  Those who chose to "build a snowman" had to do so outdoors in the 100+ degree Dubai heat.

Meanwhile, back at the racetrack …

Team All American's Fast Forward took them to The Dubai Autodrome, an outdoor racetrack where Cheyne had to drive a race car and complete one lap around a course (at speeds of up to 100 mph) in less than 45 seconds.  While a tearful Meghan looked on, Cheyne put the pedal to the metal ("I am the man!" he shouted while zipping around) and did what it took.  Team All American was then driven (in a Maserati no less!) to the pit stop at an outdoor amphitheater where they were pronounced to be in "first place" by host Phil Keoghan

Let it snow, let it snow, let it find or build a snowman …

Back at Ski Dubai, all teams decided to "find a snowman."  Team Jungle Fever (Brian and Ericka) were the first to do so and got their next clue and made their way to the amphitheater pit stop.

Meanwhile, the other teams continued digging away. One by one, they switched tasks and decided to "build a snowman" instead.  Team Music City (Mika and Canaan) and Team Hothead (Lance and Keri) were the last two teams to arrive at Ski Dubai and chose to "build a snowman").  Team Music City finished the fastest and was the last to arrive at the pit stop in 7th place.  Team Hothead was out as they arrived last.  So now, the standings are as follows:

1st Place:  Meghan and Cheyne (Team All American)
2nd Place:  Brian and Ericka (Team Jungle Fever)
3rd Place:  Herbert and Nathaniel (Team Globetrotter)
4th Place:  Gary and Matt (Team Father & Son)
5th Place:  Sam and Dan (Team Bro)
6th Place:  Maria and Tiffany (Team Poker)
7th Place:  Mika and Canaan (Team Music City)