Some final thoughts …

Team Jungle Fever might soon need another name change … to "Team Sweet Charity."  Brian went out of his way to help many other teams this week.  He believed that the "good karma" would benefit him and Ericka at some point.  I beg to differ.  Once the lineup is down to four teams, look out.  It will be every man for himself, and I highly doubt that anyone will sacrifice or do something nice for Team Jungle Fever at that point in the race just  because Brian was charitable back in Dubai in episode five.  So, kudos to Brian for being nice, but I'm not sure what it will get him in the end.

I'll be sad to see Team Hothead go.  They provided me with many a chuckle as the engaged couple discussed their relationship in the one-on-one interviews (how they loved each other and were very different, yet they had a strong relationship) and how their words stood in stark contrast to their behavior toward one another as they ran the race (bickering, fighting, whining … oh, the WHINING!!!!!). 

In fact, in one of the interview segments in this episode, Keri—in her thick New England accent—said, "Nothing could tear us a-paht."  While Lance chimed in with "and we have a lot of nonrefundable deposits on the wedding at this point."  Oh boy.  Can you say, "Danger, Will Robinson!" 

Well, that's all I have for this week.  Next time, it looks like more water is involved as the teams will take "the slide of their lives."  Teaser footage showed a very tall, very long water slide down which the teams must slide.  And in the final clip, Team Music City is shown with Canaan screaming at Mika in a twangy accent, "You're gunnah make us lose the race if you don't go down the water slide!!!!!"

Smiles, everyone.  Smiles.  I think this bodes well for my boredom from this week, 'cause it looks like next week's gonna be good.  Until then, keep it simply amazing and keep watching The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central.  Plan your schedule accordingly.

You can watch the "Elimination Station" interview with Lance and Keri here.

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