To Ford, Hale is an artist for whom a major label might not be appropriate. "At a major label, it's a machine, and the question is whether or not the artist fits into that machine. They do their thing and they do it really, really well. There are some artists who need to be in that machine, who fit the pattern. But if you're outside of that conveyor belt, they don't know what to do with you. You can think of multiple artists that have struggled on major labels because of that. As an independent label, instead of fitting the artist to the machine, we try to fit the machine around the artist. Let's lock arms, and help you do what you do better."

The illustration aptly describes Centricity's roster: a collection of artists who don't necessarily fit the traditional mold, connected with a label that didn't even know the rules when it started and now often breaks them. Fan interaction, dedicated artist development—with today's confused music industry, these modern philosophies, borrowed from an era long passed, are creating a promising future.

Centricity Music

Location: Bellevue, Washington and Nashville, Tennessee

Artist Roster:?Circleslide, Downhere, Jason Gray, Lanae' Hale, Jaime Jamgochian, Daniel Kirkley, Andrew Peterson, and High Valley

Purpose Statement: The company's mission is to nurture the gifts and expand the influence of Christian artists around the world.

p>Contact Information:
Centricitiy Music
135 2nd Ave. N
Franklin TN 37064
(425) 289-0611

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