Style: Christian Metal / Hardcore in the vein of As I Lay Dying, Slip Knot, Testament, Red, Haste the DayTop Offering: Live in Nashville, Tennessee DVD

In a nutshell: The new Demon Hunter tri-fold release 45 Days is a music junkie's dream. Consisting of a documentary, a live concert DVD, and a live concert CD, you get the full Demon Hunter experience. The documentary, 45 Days—shot completely in black and white—is more of a tribute to fans than anything. The viewer doesn't really feel like they are on tour with the band. However, the live DVD filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, captures the real essence of Demon Hunter and their energy-crazed live show. You will never get a seat this up close and personal. For fans, this is a must buy. The live CD is well mixed and produced for a live album. In fact, the fans' energy gives a new atmosphere to the Demon Hunter sound.

—By Andrea Dawn Goforth