Then on my bike tour, I met an 11-year-old girl [Payton Cram] who had cancer. I fell in love with her. Later, I flew back to Michigan to be with her during the last week she was alive. I asked her how she was feeling. She said, "At no point have I been mad at God. I'm not sure why, but I don't blame him. It feels lonely sometimes, but I never gave into the thought that he's turned his back on me." When I feel like there's no one holding me, be still my soul, He is. [Lyric from "He Is."]

I put those two stories together and made one song.

After ten years of recording and touring, how do you keep music fresh for yourself and your listeners??

Schultz: Honestly, I think telling the stories behind the songs is what people love. This lady and her mom were at a concert. The mom wrote me a note that said, "Tonight, I was really struggling with my faith because my daughter has cancer. Then you told the story behind 'He's My Son.' I was about as hopeless with my daughter's cancer as I could be. After you sang the song, my daughter grabbed my hand and said, 'There's your hope, Mom.'"?

I sent [the note] to the dad whose son had cancer that I wrote the song about. I love that he could be a part of that story as well, to be a part of the victory. That is really living well.

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