One woman who had lost her job in corporate America didn't have the money to pay for an expensive surgery that her 9–year–old daughter's dog needed to stay alive.

On her way home to tell the daughter that she had the beloved pet put to sleep, she stopped at a convenience store to get a drink. A copy of Will My Pet Go To Heaven? was sitting on the counter, but she didn't have the money to buy it. The store's clerk gave her the book, adding that someone had left the lone copy there earlier in the day. The mom took the book home and read it with the daughter, who suggested that it must have been an angel who left the book for them.

Wohlberg's book has also piqued the attention of the media across the country. He's done radio interviews with Focus on the Family, Billy Graham's Decision Today network, Pet Talk America, and USA Radio.

Adding to its appeal as a witness tool, the American Tract Society (ATS) made the book into a 1,000–word tract to share Jesus with pet lovers. "A Christian veterinarian found out about the book and told the American Tract Society that if they could take a book like this and make it into a tract he could share with people who love animals, then he would fund it," Wohlberg says.

And while much of Wohlberg's book is focused on pets, man's relationship with man is also put into the proper perspective in the eternal scheme of things.

"If God chooses to bring back one of our favorite animals in heaven, He is well able to do it," Wohlberg says. "If He doesn't, we will be happy with Jesus and the animals he does make and, of course, with other people who will be there. The most important thing is that we're there."

Wohlberg uses a chapter titled "Pets, People and Priorities" to give readers a balanced look at what's really important—people first, then pets. "The unexpected tragedy of losing our dog has given me an even greater hope in God and a deeper appreciation and understanding of His eternal care for all His creation, pets and people alike," he says.

p>Last year, Steve and Kristen Wohlberg moved to Paso Robles, California, where Steve is the director of the Endtime Insights radio and TV ministry, and where the couple finally got another dog. Rerun, also a toy rat terrier, looks just like Jax. But he doesn't chase cars.

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Rhonda Sholar is a freelance writer and editor living in Orange City, Florida.Discussion StartersHave you ever lost a pet? How did that experience affect you?

Do you think our pets will be in heaven? Why?

Read Isaiah 11:6-9. What does it tell us about God's kingdom?
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