THE CHIPS ARE IN … MONTE CARLO … The next clue directed teams to figure out "what's the most famous casino in the country of Monaco."  Teams had to decipher that it was Monte Carlo.  This challenge was a nail-biter as Team All American did not know that it was Monte Carlo and wasted precious time on other hotels (The Venetian, The Bellagio) before figuring out that they should be headed toward the Monte Carlo hotel.  Meanwhile Team Bro arrived at Monte Carlo first, followed by Team Jungle Fever.  The next clue directed teams to "count $1 million worth of poker chips."  Each table was covered with a sea of 8,400 chips (in various denominations).  When they thought they were finished counting, a dealer then verified the amount.  If they counted correctly, teams were handed a special chip and their next clue.  In the end, the calm, cool and collected teamwork of Team All American (who showed up last to count their chips, by the way) allowed them to finish first, regain the lead (again) and move on to the next challenge. 

 A NIP-TUCKED MR. LAS VEGAS … Wow.  Times, and Wayne Newton, sure haven't changed.  Teams received their next clue to "make their way to Suite 88 at the MGM Grand Hotel."  There, teams found "Mr. Las Vegas" himself (a creaseless Wayne Newton) tickling the ivories in a high-roller suite.  He then informed teams that they had to find his Las Vegas home which was the location of the finish line.  And that was all he said.  So that was all that team's got for their final clue.

 GOING ALL IN FOR A BIG FINISH … Teams "lucked" out as apparently Newton's home is a regular Las Vegas tourist attraction, so every cabbie knew exactly where to take the Amazing Race-rs.  But what they didn't know was which entrance was the right one.  Since the home is really a ranch with lots of acreage, it took Team All American just a little bit of extra time before they figured out the right entrance and Chariots-of-Fire'd their way to the finish line.

Upon reaching the check-in mat, Meghan and Cheyne threw their arms around host Phil Keoghan before offering some final comments: 

Meghan:  "This is absolutely a dream come true.  I couldn't have imagined a better race.  I've learned so much about Cheyne.  He's just such a good friend and such a good person.  I know he's always going to be there for me throughout my entire life."

Cheyne:  "[Meghan] was one of the strongest competitors in the whole race, even compared to the guys … The whole experience in itself was life-changing, and the money is not even as important as what we got to do together.  It was the perfect race.  It could not have been any better."   

Sam & Dan then arrived and clocked in in second place:

Dan:  "We're completely happy to be here, and we wanted to share our story.  We wanted to not let our family down just by being who we were.  But we just wanted to come out and do this race and finish this race and that's what we did." 

Sam:  "We bicker and we pick at each other, but we know it's not going to matter.  At the end of the day, we're still brothers, we still love each other, we still want to hang out the next day.  You know you have a great family whenever you look up to your younger brother, and I just love him so much and respect the person that he is." 

Rounding it out, Brian and Ericka finished in third place.  And in an ironic final set of comments regarding character, Ericka discussed her family's issues with Brian being white and marrying into a black family and how she hoped this experience would change their feelings toward him: