Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen recently ran this fascinating little tease:

...given how the season 5 cliffhanger left us wondering if the castaways will be re-living their lives, just like a certain classic Bill Murray comedy from 1993. Jordan Barnett writes:

What better day to initiate a time correction/repeat of previous events/déjà vu story than by starting on Groundhog Day? Also, one could equate [the ramifications of Jughead] signaling either a continuation of a dark time or a glimmer of hope of renewal much to a groundhog's response to seeing his shadow: Will it mean a longer winter or the coming of spring? Admittedly, this is a reach, but I think it might be the type of tweak the creators implement just to see who picks up on it.

The Groundhog Day/Groundhog Day connection is so delicious for so many of you — so I won't spoil it by telling you I think ABC didn't really give a flying Arzt about generating meaningful synchronicity with winter solstice folklore and/or thematically similar entertainment, but rather lucked into a cute coincidence...

In any case, for me, the six-more-weeks-of-winter countdown ENDS rather than begins on Groundhog Day, as that is the day my TV world will be warm and sunny again.

To that end, I will be spending the next (yes, technically seven) weeks recapping seasons 1 through 5 for key elements, cool lines, and the questions we still need answered. We'll get started on Thursday. Won't you join me?

In the meantime, here's one more cool link that might help suggest things really are rebooting in a Groundhog Day-esque style: http://spoilerslost.blogspot.com/2009/12/blu-ray-easter-egg-proof-bomb-went-off.html#axzz0ZmRtEl3e. The pic is said to be a screencap from the Season 5 Blu-Ray edition.