• An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, by John Locke. In which Locke discusses the idea of tabula rasa. "...The essay concerns the foundation of human knowledge and understanding. He describes the mind at birth (can we infer upon re-birth as well?) as a blank slate... including his distinction between passively acquired simple ideas, such as "red," "sweet," "round," etc., and actively built complex ideas, such as numbers, causes and effects, abstract ideas, ideas of substances, identity, and diversity." (from Wikipedia)
  • Song: Wash Away by Joe Purdy. "I've Got Troubles, Lord, but not today, they're gonna wash away." This is a sweet way to end the Tabula Rasa episode, but ominious that as the song and montage end, showing everybody pitching in and getting along on the beach as they settle into their fresh start, the music changes, and the camera pans in on Locke's face, setting the stage for what happens in Walkabout.
  • Song: If You Got Leavin On Your Mind, by Patsy Cline. We'll go on to hear plenty of Patsy Cline as it relates to Kate.

Excellent Lines

"Who is this guy?" -- Hurley, about Locke

"Is this normal? Day turning into night, end-of-the-world-type weather?" -- Charlie

"Whatever you say, Doc. You're the hero." -- Sawyer

"Fine, I'm the criminal. You're the terrorist. We can all play a part. Who do you want to be?" --Sawyer (a great line in light of the tabula rasa/reboot theme of starting over. Who do you want to be?)

"Any bodies we bury are not gonna stay buried for very long" -- Jack (haha! Foreshadowing aplenty!)

"Please, help me. Please come get me. I'm alone now. I'm on the island alone. Please someone come. The others, they're dead. It killed them. It killed them all." --Shannon, translating from the French 


Kate is the fugitive with the heart of gold. Men fall for her easily, but she'll run - and run well - at the slightest whim.

Locke is a sad sack loser whose geeky skills from war games, studying survival situations, preparing for walkabouts, and knife throwing are mostly useless back in his real life, but very handy in this new one. He's not socially adept, but he IS well-meaning (cf. he carves a dog whistle to help Michael and Walt find Vincent; he smiles at Kate with an orange in his teeth, but it's not the most appropriate gesture while she's busy taking shoes from a corpse).

Jack is the hero. Sawyer is the anti-hero... although they show him as vulnerable a lot earlier than I remember. To me, this fact is just another example of what makes the show great - they set me up originally to dislike Sawyer, but now that I know him, a lot has changed, and I can see him differently from the beginning. Paradigm shifts from new knowledge and perspective are a big part of the themes, plot, and people of LOST.

Locke tells "GL12" that patience is the quality of a leader. Soon after, Rose identifies Jack as being "patient" and "having a good soul" -- indicating again he will emerge as our Leader/Hero... even though he simply says he became a doctor because "I was born into it." What have they all been re-born into now?

Sun is under Jin's thumb to the point of being told not to speak to anyone else, and to button up her topmost button even when there is nothing immodest about her appearance and they are in the tropics. Very interesting immediate contrast shot when Sun sees Kate bathing in nothing but her skivvies.

At the start it seems like we're set up to despise Jin, Sawyer, and Shannon... to pity Boone and Charlie... to love Hurley... to think Sayid and Locke are awesomely bad dudes.