Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery" has been in my head all week. I realized it's because I've had to spend so much time on this third disc of Season One, where LOST does that precise thing. This is where the questions really started to ramp up. Even when we got answers, those answers only created more questions, most of which we're still scratching our heads over today. What is the mysterious sickness? Did Aaron end up being raised by another, since Kate wasn't Claire? Or did it not count because Kate wasn't "an Other"? And what is the deal (pardon as I slip into Jerry Seinfeld voice) with Kate and that toy airplane? Am I going to end up wishing that Toy Desmond forgot to push the Toy Button in Toy World, causing the Toy Airplane to have crashed?

Let's find out.

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LOST Season One, Disc Three: Welcome to the Island Open!

Episodes: 1.9 SOLITARY (Sayid-centric); 1.10 RAISED BY ANOTHER (Claire-centric); 1.11 ALL THE BEST COWBOYS HAVE DADDY ISSUES (Jack-centric); 1.12 WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE (Kate-centric)

Things That Stuck Out

Literally, the buried cable Sayid finds sticks out, just barely, from the sand in the first minute of this disc. I remember being so freaked out by that the first time around. Now? Oh. Yeah. Sayid finds the cable.

Our writers and producers are quick. They don't waste any time in having Sayid be tortured (by Danielle, with electricity) after he had tortured Sawyer. Restitution comes quickly.

The first appearance of Ethan. His first word is nothing special. "Hi," he says to Hurley. But he's just been out hunting and tracking with Locke. Thinks they might have seen rabbit tracks (rabbits having been a semi-prominent theme in our last update).

The first mention of "the Others" comes from Rousseau, as she tells Sayid, "You, and the others like you" control the broadcast tower now.

Nadia used to bully Sayid, push him in the mud. Classic.

Sayid assumes Alex is a he... as did most of us. And he believes Nadia to be dead... because of him. This prompts a bit of what seems like an over-the-top "I'm so sorry" reaction out of Danielle as she strokes his face, but on second viewing it occurs to me that maybe Sayid's love being dead because of him just struck an all-too-familiar chord in her troubled mind and heart...

Itchy Rash Guy, who Jack has been treating, come to find... drumroll please... the doctor on the golf course. Rimshot.

Danielle reveals her science expidition was three days out of Tahiti when their instruments malfunctioned. This would have been 1988. They lived there for two months before... well, we'll get to that.

First mention of "the black rock."

First mention of the whispers. All this does, though, is cause Sayid to think Danielle is insane... until he hears the whispers himself.

First mention of a sickness. "It was them, they were the carriers. The others." Does this jive with what we learn later? How could "the Others" have been the carriers of the disease if, as Danielle says, she's never seen other people on this island, and we know that what really caused her crew to go loopy was their visit to Smokey's lair?

Rousseau and Sayid hear loud snarling growls. "If we're lucky, it's one of the bears," she says. But, "there's no such thing as monsters." At this word, we flashback to Sayid the torturer. You monster.

When Sayid escapes, he takes a rifle and Danielle's maps of the island, but leaves behind his photo of Nadia.

Sayid hasn't seen Nadia for seven years (so 1997).

The mobile on the crib in Claire's nightmare is made of Oceanic planes. She finds only a pool of blood in the blankets of the crib.

Claire's boyfriend, Thomas (first of all, quite interesting that he "doubts" she's pregnant even with a positive pregnancy test staring him in the face), apparently has two jobs: 1) to have gotten her pregnant, 2) to have convinced her to have the child by saying they'll get married (even though he'll bow out later).