It was around this time in the show that some less patient folks were wishing that the show, the writers, the producers, would stop yanking their chains and give them some answers already. They were tired of being toyed with (some of us more literally than others regarding Kate's toy plane bank heist, but I digress). So when Michael - who is this disc's winner of "least likable castaway" - yells at Locke, "I'm not in the mood for your games, man," you are not blamed if you feel the same way. As in, stop talking in parables and mystery and answering questions with questions and tell me something I can wrap my head around.

Thing is, if you can stay with it, the rewards are coming. Or, perhaps your brain will - like mine - become mush, and you will instead begin to see multiple layers of meaning in everything, including a line like, "I'm not in the mood for your games," which you will extrapolate to fit your theory that the show is ABOUT a game.

I'm rambling. There's a lot to cover below, so let's get to it. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can always get caught up by visiting the previous discs we've already reviewed along our journey:

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On to number four...

LOST Season One, Disc Four: I'm Not in the Mood for Your Games

Episodes: 1.13 HEARTS & MINDS (Boone-centric); 1.14 SPECIAL (Michael/Walt-centric); 1.15 HOMECOMING (Charlie-centric); 1.16 OUTLAWS (Sawyer-centric)

Things That Stuck Out

Hurley questions Boone as to why, if he and Locke are hunting every day, they aren't catching anything. "People need food, man."

In Boone's first flashback, the idea of "luck" is again discussed. "Yeah, I wish it was luck," he says in response to his girlfriend's insistence that she had just hit a lucky shot in tennis. The word luck is sneaking up more than I remember. It's starting to make me think the Lostaways are somehow "lucky" to have landed here / been chosen to land here, as if they had won some lottery (now there's an interesting word, considering what we'll learn about Hurley). Not sure most of them ever came around to seeing it that way, though.

Shannon calls Boone from Sydney, telling him to come get her. A domestic disturbance in the background suggests trouble with her lover. She has already told us that she had a similar problem with a boyfriend in St. Tropez, France. So when Boone warns Sayid to stay away from Shannon, is it because he's actually giving Sayid a legitimate, "look out, dude, she's a maneater," or is it his jealousy, or both?

Hurley complains to Jack of "major digestive issues" as he gathers some majorly big leaves that "aren't for eating" just before he bolts into the bushes :-). Jack smiles, knowingly. Hurley has too much fruit and not enough protein in his diet, because he won't eat the fish Jin is catching because he thinks Jin doesn't like him.

Jack spies Kate gathering something from the jungle. Passion fruit seeds. Turns out they're to help Sun with Sun's garden.

Kate has a theory that maybe Locke has decided not to catch boar to avoid the responsibility of having so many mouths to feed. She's only partly right.

Locke tells the story of how Michelangelo created the statue of David after spending months of just staring at a block of marble without doing anything. He's taking the same approach to figuring out how to open the hatch (that, or this is just a MacGuffin to explain why we're going to draw out the opening of the hatch for the season-ending cliffhanger).

Shannon subtlely reveals a bruise on her forehead to Boone when he arrives in Sydney, but otherwise gives him the brushoff, putting in his mind that something is wrong. She and her boyfriend Bryan are conning Boone to buy Bryan off.