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Anyone ever accuse you of having commitment issues? Usually, this involves a fear of commitment, not wanting to hold too tightly to something or get locked in to something. On this disc, our featured characters do indeed have commitment issues, but not in the typical way. No, Jin, Jack, Locke and Hurley don't have fear of commitment - they have hyper-commitment, and usually to the wrong people, ideals, or beliefs.

Let's see how this combination strength/weakness (again, think of chess pieces, and how each one's individual moves are simultaneously what make them unique/powerful/special, as well as weak/vulnerable) advance our story.

LOST Season One, Disc Five: Connect Four... to 8, to 15, to 16, to...

Episodes: 1.17 ...IN TRANSLATION (Jin-centric); 1.18 NUMBERS (Hurley-centric); 1.19 DEUS EX MACHINA (Locke-centric); 1.20 DO NO HARM (Jack-centric)

Things That Stuck Out

The disc begins with a flashback to the day Jin asked Sun's father for permission to marry Sun. We don't learn much. We find out why Jin can fish (he is from a small fishing village), and that Mr. Paik is the one who suggested Jin work for him in exchange for permission to marry Sun. The LIES continue, though, as Jin tells Mr. Paik that his own father is dead.

Sun goes for a dip in the ocean in a bikini. Jin freaks out, and rushes to cover her with her towel. The way everyone reacts, we understand that this has become annoyingly commonplace for the Korean couple. When Sun falls down as Jin tries to escort her away from the water, Michael feels the need to intervene. He and Jin are about to come to blows when... Sun steps in front and slaps the silly out of Michael. Did she think she was saving Michael, that Jin was about to go medieval on him? As Sun and Jin walk away, she refuses to hold her husband's hand.

Jin chose to put off their honeymoon so Mr. Paik would see Jin was "committed." Of course, "committed" is usually what you want your WIFE to see in you on your wedding day. He promises they will go in six months. He gives her a simple flower, which we've already seen usually does the trick for her.

Sawyer has bought one of the only two open spots on the raft by providing building supplies. "Good thing I'm a saver not a spender, huh, Doc?"

Kate has a sit-down with Sun about how she lets Jin treat her. Sun provides all the excuses about how tender Jin used to be. Kate asks, "What changed him?" But before Sun can answer...

...a ruckus breaks out, with people running everywhere. The raft is on fire, and Jin's not around. Michael demands of Sun to know where he is.

Sun finds Jin. His arm is injured, burned. That's enough to convince her for the moment he's the arsonist. She begins to say, "Michael was trying to get us off this island..." but at the mention of Michael's name, Jin gets so angry he looks like he's about to hit her. Instead he storms off. Again.

In flashback, Jin is promoted to Mr. Paik's special assistant. His first assignment in his new role is to go to the house of the Secretary for Environmental Safety and deliver this message: "I'm very displeased." Sun prepares a dinner feast for Jin, but he can't ignore the calls from her father coming in. He is summoned for failing to understand what it means to properly "deliver a message." Now, he will ride along and be shown. Except he jumps out of the car ahead of the killer, busts in, and beats the man to within an inch of his life, telling him to re-open the factory tomorrow, and that "I just saved your life."