Note: This blog is counting down to the premiere of LOST's final season on Feb. 2 by spending the month leading up to it racing through every one of the previous 103 episodes. We're looking specifically at Christian/religious themes, other important or interesting concepts, literary references, and the theory that it's largely been about a game in which someone has won, and someone has... LOST. To follow us from the start, click here.

What's Michael been up to since last we saw him? Well, that's the question isn't it? He comes back to camp with a story about the Others that, looking back, I don't know why we ever even suspected was true. As with most things, once you know something, it's always so obvious in hindsight. Well, I take that back - parts of it are true, as far as he knows (the ragged campsite of the Others, the guarded hatch they have, etc. But why he doesn't stop to think they're scamming him is bugging me). Still, doesn't make it any less painful to see what he does to Ana-Lucia and Libby. Nor is it fun to realize that LOVE HURTS. If Sawyer had never let Ana-Lucia seduce him (which is how she got his gun, which is how she meant to kill Ben but couldn't, which gun she got talked by Michael into handing to Michael), and if Hurley just knew how to take a woman on a picnic (forgetting the blankets sent Libby back to the Swan for some, where she startled Michael, which caused him to put two in her stomach), none of this would have happened. Of course, if Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros had just kept themselves in check with the Hawaiian authorities, we might be able to say the same thing.

LOST Season Two, Disc Five:

Episodes: 2.17 LOCKDOWN (Locke-centric); 2.18 DAVE (Hurley-centric); 2.19 S.O.S. (Rose & Bernard-centric); 2.20 TWO FOR THE ROAD (Ana-Lucia-centric)

Things That Stuck Out


Breakfast with Ben ends as creepily as it began. Ben again asks John why he lets Jack talk to him the way he does. That did it. Locke throws Ben back into his little room.

Charlie, Sayid, and Ana search for 3 hours without finding the balloon. But Charlie does find a grave. When Ana realizes it's not raining on the grave, they look up. There's the balloon.

As Locke listens to some jazz and rides the stationary bike, he hears a female voice over the Swan speakers. He tries to hear more, plays with the speaker a bit, and a bit of a transmission comes through that just says, " lockdown." Soon, a countdown begins. When it reaches zero, the blast doors in the Swan come down. Locke is only able to slide a crowbar under one at the last second.

In exchange for helping Locke with the blast doors, Henry wants Locke's word that he'll protect him, no matter what. The two of them get it pried up a bit, but when Locke tries to slide under legs-first, it slips, pins his legs.

Henry apparently (we don't get to see his actions) gets to the button just in time. After the alarms stop blaring, lights go out, and black lights go up. Locke is treated to a spectacular view of the blast door map (at left; click the link for details from those who have studied it). Close-up shot of Locke's eyeball taking it all in.

Suddenly the lights come back up, the blast doors raise, and Locke slides free. Timer is back to 107 minutes. Did Henry escape? No. Locke has (yet another) big injury to his leg. Locke thanks him for helping him and not leaving him. This is going to be a problem. Ben's earned Locke's trust.