The Pearl Orientation Video

  • Pearl is Station 5 of 6
  • Marvin Candle is in the video, but as Dr. Mark Wickmund this time (wax/wick/candle pattern)
  • It is a monitoring station for observing and recording, for posterity and refinement.
  • Wickmund quotes Karen DeGroot: "Careful observation is the only key to true and complete awareness." Okay, doesn't exactly jive with the observer effect, but okay.
  • Tour of duty in the Pearl is 3 weeks
  • Job is to observe a psychological experiment: watch the people in the Swan, who don't know they are under surveillance, and DON'T KNOW THEY ARE THE SUBJECT OF AN EXPERIMENT. It's what Desmond and Jack both feared and Locke never wanted to entertain - that the button pushers are rats in a maze.
  • The notebooks are for recording every observation. The partners work in 8-hour shifts.\
  • What the Swan people are doing doesn't matter, only that the Swan folks believe their job is of utmost importance.
  • Both of Candle/Wickmund's arms work fine in this video.
  • Completed notebooks get put in the tube, "where they will come directly to us."
  • After the shift, workers need to proceed to the Pala Ferry for transport back to the barracks.
  • Video was copyrighted 1980, same year as the Swan, but the Swan got a film and the Pearl got a videotape. Why?

This time, John does NOT want to watch the tape again. He and Eko get completely different vibes off of the video. John feels like he has been suckered and wasted his time, Eko feels like his work of pushing the button is now more important than ever: "The reason to do it, to push the button, is not because we are told to in a film. We do it because we believe we are meant to." Theological and biblical implications abound.

With her last words, Libby names Michael. But Jack and Hurley interpret her as only being concerned for him. Jack assures her Michael made it, he's all right.

Back before Michael went on his Walt hunt, he knocked Locke out, and got some final directions from "Walt" through the computer. Come north until he finds some big rocks, one with a hole in the middle near the beach. On his journey, he came across a grubby Other. Thinks he gets the drop on him, but he's walked into a trap. We see the 7 shots that Jack and the tracking party heard. Tom downs Michael with a sling. That night, Tom and Co. are keeping Michael when they also bring Kate in, having found her. Michael is gagged, Alex - who we get to see this time - is there with Kate. Then we get a new view of the whole scene with Tom, Jack, Locke and Sawyer again. Alex assures Kate that "It's okay, he's just delivering a message. He has to scare your friends to do it." Alex didn't actually bring Kate out when asked. She asked another Other to do it so she could ask Michael if Claire was okay and if she had the baby. After the showdown, Alex apologizes to Michael, then slams him with the butt of her rifle.

Charlie, approaching Claire for the first time in quite a while, has something for her which he found in the food drop -- a case of vaccine with a pneumatic injector. He doesn't even know how much this means to her after she went on safari to find some in the Staff.

Eko's cross, like Jack's key, is being pulled toward the concrete in the Swan. Energy seems to dissipate when he punches in the numbers. He moves into the hatch, and has to postpone the plans for the church. Only problem for Charlie is, this kinda leaves him without purpose again, and that's where he was early in the first season.

When Michael is marched through the Others' camp, it's as he described to everyone: Shabby. Tents. A guarded hatch. Not many people. It's all a ruse of course. The first clue should have been how they drew blood from Michael upon his arrival. Does it look like they have the technology to study that blood at all? We meet Miss Klugh who comes up and has lots of questions about Walt: is Michael his biological father? How old when he started speaking? Any illnesses growing up? DID WALT EVER APPEAR IN A PLACE HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE? Michael seems stunned by that question, but does not answer. He demands to see Walt. She pulls out the same killer quote Susan's lawyer once used on him: "For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him."