Charlie tries to finish the church himself. Vincent runs up carrying a Mary statue. "Are you kidding me? Did someone put you up to this?" Follows the dog to Sawyer's tent and stash. Then he hucks them all out to sea. Locke saw him do it.

Miss Klugh brings Michael food. He asks when they're going to kill him. He figures he is worthless to them, AND he's seen where they live and how to get there. She says Walt is right outside, and "there's been a development." She's speaking of Ben's capture. If Michael gets him back, they'll let him and Walt go free. She calls for Pickett to let Walt in, gives him the "Three Minutes" of the title. All Walt can get out is that they make him take tests, they're not who they say they are, they're pretending, don't leave me, help me please, and I love you. Miss Klugh threatens him with "the room."

Just before the funeral for Ana and Libby, Locke removes his splint, leaves behind his crutches, and walks away with only a slight limp.

Sayid tells Jack Michael is lying, and may be compromised, and may have freed Henry, and may be leading Jack into a trap. You go, Sayid!

Jack delivers a very good eulogy for Ana. He's come a long way, gradually, at each funeral/memorial.

Sun looks out to see, and sees... A BOAT! Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer swim out to meet it. Charlie thinks it could be a trap. Sayid suspected it could be the Others.

Inside the boat firing shots at them is... a drunk Desmond listening to opera! "You," he says, as he sees Jack. He laughs. Jack tells Desmond he guesses Des forgot to mention he had a boat. Wouldn't have figured he'd see him again. Des says it's not intentional. He sailed due west, should have been in Fiji in a week. But he sailed for two-and-a-half weeks and the first piece of land he saw was the island. Desmond believes the outside world no longer exists, and the island is all there is left. He mentions the Snow Globe model (brings to mind the image from the Spanish comic book, as well as St. Elsewhere, the TV show that was revealed to have taken place all within a snow globe).

Locke tells Eko they're no longer going to push the button. And the white dude tells the African dude not to "be a slave." It's not received well. Neither is the idea of not pushing it.

Before Michael's posse leaves the beach, Kate brings up the costumes and fake beards she found. "What if they just want us to think they live like that?" Michael can't let her go any further down that path. Shuts her up with a, "No! I was there! They ARE like that! Honest!"

Desmond's boat is the "Elizabeth" (which of course is the full name of anyone named Libby), out of Newport Beach, CA.

First use of the term "Hostiles" for the Others! Desmond says, "Off to see the Hostiles, are ya?" when Sayid says he needs to borrow the boat to go to the island's north shore.

The Hurley bird! As Michael's posse marches forth, a giant bird flies off a limb above them, and appears (the subtitles even confirm this) to say "Hurley" twice. My working theory on this since learning in Season 5 that the 1977 Dharma folks had a zoo, is that Hurley worked or visited there, and taught this bird to say his name. Now, "27 years later," might it still be alive, loose on the island, and either remembering Hurley or just still saying what it had been taught to say?
Interesting note from Lostpedia: "In the 3/20/08 Podcast, Prominent Lost writer Damon Lindelof does not want to comment on the significance of the Hurley bird." Hmmm, I wonder why not?

Des tells Claire she's wasting her time with the vaccine. He injected himself with it every 9 days for 3 years.

The Four-Toed Foot! Sayid, Sun, and Jin see it from their boat. They come to the camp Michael described. Sayid finds it evacuated, and their Hatch to be nothing but some doors in front of a rock. More about the foot below.