Ben isn't happy about the deal that was made with Michael, but says they got more than they bargained for with Walt, so maybe this is for the best. Only a compass bearing of 325 will get them rescued. Ben says he'd never be able to get back.

Michael: Who are you people?
Ben: We're the good guys, Michael.

The Others let Hurley go. His job is to tell everyone what happened and that no one can ever come there. But Jack, Kate, and Sawyer? They're being kept.

Claire kisses Charlie.


We learn Eko literally did "take up his brother's mantle" and lived and worked in Sydney as a Roman Catholic priest, Father Tunde. We see him taking confession, but the man is really there to give him some forged ID papers to help him escape to the U.S. But before Eko can leave, he is given an assignment to go verify a miracle.

He is told a story about a girl named Charlotte Malkin who drowned, was dead, and the next day came back to life. The Monsignor tells Eko he has been chosen to verify this miracle precisely because he does not believe it.

First person Eko interviews about the miracle is the coroner, who plays the audio of the autopsy. Creepy. Girl comes to life screaming. Instead of being amazed and full of wonder, however, the coroner is very disturbed and never wants to listen to that tape again. Malkin the psychic, however, tells Eko he's wasting her time. He says his daughter went into hypothermia in the mountain river, making her appear dead when she wasn't, and that his wife, who he describes as a zealot, is making up the miracle stuff to spite him because he's a fraud who makes his living as a psychic. So where'd he get the very real vibes about Claire?

Charlotte Malkin comes to see Eko just before he boards 815 at the Sydney airport; she knows he probably thinks she's crazy, but she has "a message for you and I promised to deliver it." She informs him that Yemi said he was a good priest, and even though he's pretending he's a good man. He will see Eko soon, and even though Eko has no faith in himself, Yemi has faith in him.

Desmond had been in prison. Among his effects when he is released is his photo of him and Penny. He's dishonorably discharged from the Royal Scots, and his full name is Desmond David Hume.

First-ever glimpse of Charles Widmore! He picks up Desmond outside prison. Charles intercepted every letter Des wrote to Penny, says she's getting married, offers him all he'd need to get started in a new life, provided he gives up seeing her again.

Desmond and Libby meet, and she's intrigued enough by why he would need 42,000 dollars to sit down and chat with him. He shows her the brochure for the solo sailing race. The prize is great and all, but Desmond just wants to win it to take it from Charles Widmore. She sees his Widmore's pic on the back of the brochure, seems intrigued. When Des mentions he doesn't have a boat yet, she says, "I have a boat. It was my husband's, but he got sick." Whoever he is died about a month prior. So what year is it during this meeting anyway? If Desmond was on the island for 3 years as of 9/04, that means he landed there sometime mid-2001. 8 months before that (which he needed to train), plus about another month or so to have sailed that far, puts this meeting right around the end of 1999 / beginning of 2000? When Desmond protests taking the boat, she cryptically says, "he'd want you to." She's referring to her dead husband... unless she's not. We've had so many references to "he" and "him" on this show it could mean anyone. Libby could possibly even have been sent to meet Desmond BY Widmore, who quite possibly wants to get Desmond marooned on that island, the one place he knows he'll be rid of him. When Des asks Libby's husbands's name, she looks down before answering, "David." I'm assuming this is a lie... except, the boat IS named "Elizabeth, after her." Pretty convenient coincidence if the rest of her story is a lie.