• Paths Crossing Off-Island: The family whose miracle Eko goes to verify is that of Richard Malkin, Claire's psychic; Libby interrupts Eko raising his voice at Charlotte Malkin in the airport; Desmond and Libby meet in a coffee shop immediately after his arrival in the states. They miss crossing each other on-island by minutes (she's buried, he shows back up); Des and Jack run the stadium steps again. This time, we see Penny.
  • Appearances of the Numbers: 815 leaving from gate 23; 8 hours shifts in the Pearl; 16 is heard as the departure gate for flight 840; 4 bucks Libby pays for Desmond's coffee; 42 thousand is what he needs; 8 months Des has to get into shape before the race; 4 toes on the statue's foot.
  • Deaths: an Other, by Kate's gun; Kelvin, head injury when Des tackles him on the rocks; unknown - Eko, Locke and Desmond.

Themes Established or Revisited

  1. Miracles. Eko is sent to verify one. He also believes that landing on the same island as Yemi and finding the question mark are miracles.
  2. Boxes (again). Widmore brings 2 boxes to meet Desmond. One contains his past, the other his future, says Charles. We've already learned it's usually not a good idea to open boxes on this show. More trouble than they're worth ... Desmond's nickname for Locke is still "Box Man."
  3. Fear / Cowardice (again). We've been through this with Charlie before, now Widmore stings Desmond with the "c" word (and we already know he ran away from the island and left our Losties alone once) ... Claire tells Desmond that Thomas walked off the moment he got scared about being a father ... Kelvin asks Des if he has enough courage to use the failsafe.
  4. Freedom (again). Locke tells Eko that as long as they push the button, they're just puppets on strings, and they'll never be free. So Eko boots him from the Swan. "You're free now, John."
  5. Ignorance is bliss (again). We used this early in Season One. Here, Desmond says the exact quote to Sayid.
  6. Betrayal. Michael. 'Nuff said. Punk.

The Game

Just noticing I've never mentioned there being a dartboard in the Swan. Well, there is. Last I checked, Darts was a game, too. With numbers, even.

"Fair's fair." -- Tom, to Michael, who won't hold Michael spitting in his face against him, because after all, Tom took Walt. But Tom warns him not to do that again. Fair = being within the Others' odd code of rules and morality.

"I just figured we're goin to war we'd want the one guy who's actually been in a war!" -- Sawyer, to Michael

"My name is Miss Klugh." Klugh? As in Clue? Yeah, and is the bearded guy Colonel Mustard? A clue to what?

Deal is struck: If Michael follows the instructions, he and Walt go free. The Others do like to make and live up to their deals.

Hurley cites unfairness for what happened to Libby. It's this concept that pushes him into deciding to join Michael.

Widmore's rules for Desmond: "The conditions are simple. No contact, no calls, no post. You just run away."

Sayid believes fate has given them the piece they need to take advantage of Michael's having been compromised -- the boat. He says he will: scout, ascertain numbers, weapons, positions. Funny, sounds just like the game of Stratego I was playing with my son last night.

Tables Turned: Sayid knows how to produce the thick black signal fire smoke (certain leaves, probably learned this from Danielle's ruse). He will use it to signal Jack when he's in place via the boat. "This time, THEY will know that WE are coming" (i.e. two can play at that game).

Objective: Every game has one, but there's some confusion here. Hurley doesn't want a gun because he might kill someone with it. "Ain't that the point?" asks Sawyer. "I thought the point was to get Walt back," retorts Hugo.