Jack: You have to know that I would never bring you out here if I didn't have a plan!

The Portuguese-speaking men in the polar station play chess. They have this crucial conversation:

I crush your defense, and that is the last you shall see of your rook.
All part of the plan, my friend.
Then your plan must be to LOSE.
Please, your move.

Because of the big reveal with Penny and possibly having found the island, this conversation gets lost in the hubbub, but I think it's just as important overall. There's a plan, and it might even look like someone is planning to lose... but they're not.

Religious References

Eko wakes up clutching his cross after dreaming of Yemi.

Eko prays for mercy over Ana-Lucia's body.

"To receive God's forgiveness you must be penitent for your sins." -- Eko, to a confessing parishioner. At least he got this right.

"Every day I meet people looking for a miracle, desperate to find one. But there are none to be found. Not in this world anyway." -- Psychic-who's-not-a-psychic Richard Malkin to Priest-who's-not-a-priest Eko. More on Malkin later.

Locke has decided life - his life - is meaningless, and "who are you to tell me that it's not?" I guess he wouldn't be a man of faith without doubt. He sure is wishy-washy, though.

Michael figures that as a priest, Eko believes in hell. Eko tells him a story about a boy who beat a dog to death to protect his little sister. Eko told him God would understand, and would forgive if he was sorry. The boy did not care about forgiveness, he was only concerned that in hell that dog would be waiting for him. Resonates with Michael for sure. And is a big reason why his vision of Libby is a big deal just before his own death on the freighter in the future.

Libby wears a cross necklace when she meets Desmond.

Des: Why does Mr. Eko carry around a stick covered in Scripture?
Locke: Because he's a priest.
Des: We locked out a priest?

Sayid prays while on the sailboat.

"Our doctor is God knows where, and he sure as hell doesn't care about anything happening down here." -- Locke

Locke explains to Desmond that he thought he had come to the point of belief. And then Boone died. And the night he died, Locke pounded on the hatch door looking for answers. When the light came on, he took it as a sign. "But it wasn't a sign. Probably just you going to the bathroom." He makes great points about how people look too hard for things and often find signs where there are only coincidences. But that doesn't logically negate the existence of signs or belief.

Des: You've just killed us all.
Locke: No, I've just saved us all.

"You saved my life, so that I could save yours." -- Desmond, as he knows what he has to do - turn the failsafe key.

"I'm sorry for whatever happened that made you stop believing, but it's all real. I'll see ya in another life, brotha." -- Desmond.

Mysteries or Questions Since Solved

  • Is Yemi as he appears to Eko on the island a dream, a vision, or a manifestation of Smokey?
  • Why did the Others tell Michael to bring them Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley specifically?
  • What is the statue of the 4-toed foot?
  • What is "the room" Walt is threatened with as discipline by Miss Klugh?

Mysteries or Questions Still Needing Answers

  • What ever happened to Mrs. Klugh?
  • HAS Walt, as Miss Klugh asked Michael, ever appeared in a place he wasn't supposed to be? We know he appeared to Shannon twice, and later, he will appear to Locke when Locke is left for dead in the purge pit. But is this some power of Walt? Or what? And will this story arc ever be picked up again?
  • What's Libby's last name? Is it important? Who was her husband who got sick? What happened between meeting Des and getting to the island that had her in Santa Rosa?
  • What's the SIGNIFICANCE of the statue with the 4-toed foot, and how and when did it crumble?
  • Why is heavy turbulence involved in getting to the island? 815 Survivors - plane broke apart. Desmond - violent storm. Danielle's crew - violent storm. Faraday's crew - extremely rough chopper ride.

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