Isabel the creepy sheriff lady comes to meet Jack. She speaks Chinese, which is the language of his tattoos. Reads them. Says they're ironic. Asks if he knows what they mean. He insists he does. She's not so sure. Then she asks him to come with her. This time, they pass Alex in the hallway. It's just a regular county lockup in Otherton. Jack is led to an office where Tom sits on one side, Juliet the other, and him in between. Isabel sits behind a desk -- the same desk in the same office that Locke will put his feet up and ask Ben in Season Five why he killed him. Jack covers for Juliet, says he made up the whole, "She asked me to kill Ben" thing because it was his best shot at turning his captors against each other. Isabel knows he's lying - even asks him why - but he clams up.

Next morning, Jack awakes in his cage and finds out what it's like to be a monkey in a zoo. There is a crowd of Others just staring at him! One of them approaches the bars, and says his name. It's Cindy! We haven't seen her since 5 minutes before Shannon was shot, and she remembers Jack from serving him alcohol on the flight. Cindy says they're there to watch, and that "It's not that simple" having been taken and kidnapped and all. The little girl wants to know how Ana-Lucia is doing. Jack's had it. If he were a monkey this would be where he starts throwing feces. Because he starts slinging it verbally real good. "Are you serious?! If you got something to watch Cindy, go watch it!" The little boy gives Jack the stink-eye as they all wander off to Juliet's trial.

Kate and Sawyer wake up to the sound of Karl crying. Sawyer gives him advice about women, and tells Karl that if he loves Alex, even if they do kill him as he goes back to get her, it'll have been worth it.

Alex smashes a camera so she can talk to Jack. She wants to know why Jack saved Ben, fixed him, when he should hate him. Jack wants to know why his daughter wants him dead. Jack learns from her that Juliet's verdict is about to be read, and the Others are firm believers in "eye for an eye." Juliet killed the man who was going to kill Jack's friends, which makes him realize she did it for him. As for Jack, he saved Ben because he said he would. Jack has an idea. Asks if Ben is still in charge, if Isabel will do what Ben says. Yes.

Ben's infection is so bad he may never walk again, says Jack. He'll need round the clock doctor care. Jack offers that, if Ben will give the word for Juliet to be leg go. Ben agrees.

Juliet will not be executed, per Ben's orders, but she will be marked. To Alex, this seems almost as horrifying. The mark is on her lower back, and is an 8-pointed star.

"He walks amongst us but he is not one of us." -- Isabel reads Jack's tattoo. This is why she thought it was ironic, with Jack being among the Others. Jack says that's what it says; it's not what it means. Jack gets into the boat to keep his promise to go with Ben and care for his wounds.

Sawyer let Karl go. Said the kid was a target by Ben, so might as well be far from him. Kate and Saywer argue. She feels guilty about leaving Jack. No, he thinks she feels guilty about sleeping with him, something he thinks she only did since she thought he was a dead man.

Charlie tells Hurley what Desmond told him - that he's gonna die. Hurley thinks it might be his fault, due to the curse. As they talk, Vincent comes running out of the jungle with a decaying human arm, around which is a set of keys and a lucky rabbit's foot. He leads Hurley to a VW bus on its side.

Inside the blue VW is the corpse of "Roger. Work Man." His Dharma jumper has the Swan patch on it. Who ever would have guessed this would turn out to be Ben's father. Whereas people liked Hurley's Season One mission to play some golf to "have some fun" and take their minds off things, nobody's up for helping him fix the car for the same reasons this time around. Jin joins him, because he doesn't know what he just agreed to.