Sawyer and Kate return to much rejoicing. But she's jealous when Nikki gives James a hug. And Jack's absence is palpable.

Charlie asks Desmond when it's gonna happen. But Des doesn't have knowledge, he just gets flashes when he gets them.

While Sawyer was gone, Charlie and Hurley bogarted his stash, including his scotch. Sawyer wants it back. Hurley says no can do, but if Sawyer will help them fix the VW, he can have some of Roger's beer.

Sawyer finds blueprints in the back of the VW. "Looks like those Dharma freaks were building some sort of dirt road." What I really wish was on there was the name LaFleur. Probably good it's not. My head might have exploded. He also comments on all the recycling stuff in the back of the van.

Hurley tells Sawyer that Roger had a mom, a family, friends... if he only knew who that family was, that Roger really didn't have any friends, and how he met his end...

When Hurley jump starts the VW by rolling it down a steep hill, he keeps believing, "There is no curse, you make your own luck." And... the bus starts. Hope worked, but it also required getting the van up, getting it to the right place, and getting it moving. And then it gave more hope in return.

Jin found a ping-pong table when he was looking for firewood. They made legs and paddles. Hurley says all they need is a ball. Sawyer is able to provide one, on the condition that there be stakes.

Kate, as always unable to sit still, stays back at the beach long enough to fill up her water bottles and tell Sayid and Locke what happened before she takes off again for some form of unspecified help -- Rousseau. She needs Rousseau's help to find where the Others live. Danielle asks why she should help. Kate explains the story of the 16-year-old girl who helped her escape... the girl named Alex. Locke and Sayid are coming along, believing that the message on Eko's stick "Head north 3:05" will give them their bearing. Doesn't stop Sayid from making light sport of John, though.

Kate, Sayid, and Locke have been following a compass heading of north 305 for two days, but nothing yet. Sayid's not sure it's getting them anywhere. He goes to pick fruit, and hears a cowbell. I'd like it if we got a bigger sampling, got more cowbell, because I got a fever, but we only get a few rings. Sure enough, there's a cow! Is it another creepy vision like Kate's horse? No, someone whistles, and the cow moves. Sayid follows... and finds more livestock and an above-ground station with a satellite dish on the roof! And there in the yard is Patchy Mikhail!

Sayid goes in unarmed; Danielle retreats to the stream to avoid the encounter. Sayid gets shot by Patchy, who yells, "I didn't cross the line. We had a truce! This is my land; you said I could stay here!" What's that about? He's not talking to Sayid like he's an 815er, and isn't Mikhail one of the Others? So who is he talking about having a truce with, and allowing him to stay on this land? (Answer: he's lying, it's his cover story). When Locke and Kate get the drop on him, he identifies himself as "Mikhail Bakunin, the last living member of the Dharma Initiative." Mikhail is Soviet Army, and spent time in Afghanistan. He lives in the Flame Station.

Locke finds typed pages in Russian that Mikhail has been editing with a red pen. Significance?

Mikhail's good at cock-and-bull. He says he likes computers, communications equipment, and being alone, like a lighthouse keeper. The Flame's purpose is external communication. Mikhail tells Sayid Dharma is all dead, because "they foolisly initiated a war against the Hostiles - a purge they called it." He says he survived by not participating. He sews up Sayid's bullet wound expertly. Says he's been there 11 years (1983). He uses elements in his story such as being told there was a line not to cross and he'd be fine in hopes that it will ring true, because these details are familiar to what our Losties have been told. But Sayid had him pegged all along that he was lying, and not alone in the station. He finds a trap door in the floor, where he and Kate find Miss Klugh hiding. Sayid knew there would be someone else because he knew the Others had lost communications with each other.