Claire has an aunt, Lindsey, who chased Christian Shephard off when Claire was two. Carole's attending doctor tells them that Carole's bills are paid for by a confidential source. This also probably explains why in an earlier episode when we see Christian go to Australia and ask to see Claire, the woman he talks to didn't look like Carole. Carole was in her coma, and this is Lindsey's house.

When Claire meets her dad, he is lingering nostalgically over Carole's bed. Christian and Lindsey argue. Claire figures out he is the one paying the bills, and wants to know why. He reveals that he's her pops. All he wants from her is one conversation over one cup of coffee. He used to come out several times until she was two. Mentions that he would stay over, give her toys, sing to her... His only bit of "fatherly advice" to Claire is to consider pulling the plug on Carole. "She's alive, but she's not really living" (this could be true in some ways of all of us, or of Charlie if he lets the mopeyness win out). Christian says it would be illegal to turn off Carole's machines but he knows of other ways. She can't believe her ears. A doctor, a dad, coming all the way from the U.S. to tell her this. It does seem a little skeevy. But his final point to her is: Don't keep your mother 'alive' for the wrong reasons, and guilt would qualify as one of those. At least he doesn't pull the "false hope" card.

Carole Littleton was still in a coma when Claire got on flight 815. Claire tells her she's pregnant and flying to LA to give it away during her last visit to the hospital. She also apologizes for being horrible and awful to her mother. Apparently she lobbed some major bombs just before the accident. The "I hate you," "I wish you weren't my mother," and "I wish you were dead" grenades. They don't come more devastating than those.

  • Paths Crossing Off-Island: Claire meets Christian, learns he's her father but never learns his name.
  • Appearances of the Numbers: "815... you were the stewardess," says Jack to Cindy; the psychic Hurley visits recites all the numbers; 4 men, Mikhail says, who appeared and offered him a truce post-purge.
  • Deaths: Miss Klugh, commanded Mikhail to kill her; Mikhail, brain hemorrhage at the sonic fence (if he's indeed dead); unknown - Claire's mother, who is in a coma.

Themes Established or Revisited

  1. Home (again). Disc opens with Sawyer singing "Show me the Way to Go Home."
    Kate: Welcome home, Sawyer.
    Sawyer: Welcome home, Kate.
    (They continue to argue as they get closer to their beach. He says he has nothing to be sorry for, she gives him the line as if great, nothing's changed).
  2. Time (again).
    Jack: What time is it?
    Achara: It's late.
    (The time concept and the notion of being late - again)
  3. Hope (again). "Having hope is never stupid. You gotta believe good things will happen, then they will." -- Hurley's dad. Hurley twice tries to start cars he knows won't run, once at the encouragement of his father who is about to leave him, the other time in the jungle on his own volition. He makes the same face, almost prayer-like. Confesses he has hope. And we've learned that hope might be the most powerful force here, especially when folks lose it. But it's still limited. No matter how you try, you can't start a broken car with hope alone.
    Sawyer: Why is this so important to you?
    Hurley: Because we could all use a little hope.
    Sawyer: If it's hope you're looking for, you're on the wrong damn island. There sure as hell ain't no hope here.
    "I don't want to advocate false hope, Claire, that's all." Charlie uses this as his excuse to Claire as to why he's not on board with her bird idea. And just like in EVERY other instance that "false hope" has been brought up on this show, it's a cover for the REAL reason someone's got a bug up their behind. No such thing as false hope. Hope is hope.
    "Now there is hope, and there is guilt, and believe me, I know the difference." -- Christian, to Claire. The implication is that these two often look the same in how they are carried out in our actions. But one motivation is much more honest and helpful than the other.
  4. Fear (again). Hurley is talking to Libby's grave, explaining that everyone's scared, with what happened to Eko, with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer being gone. He's scared too.
  5. Fixing (again). Young Hurley - who didn't gain weight until his father skipped town (and the last thing he gave Hugo was a candy bar) - asks, "What do you want to fix today?" ... Jin tells Hurley the van's beyond his ability to fix ...
  6. Saving (again). "I can't believe it - you saved it. You saved it." -- Hurley's father, about the Camaro 17 years later ...

The Game