Note: This blog is counting down to the premiere of LOST's final season on Feb. 2 by spending the month leading up to it racing through every one of the previous 103 episodes. We're looking specifically at Christian/religious themes, other important or interesting concepts, literary references, and the theory that it's largely been about a game in which someone has won, and someone has... LOST. To follow us from the start, click here.

Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on.

Kate says this great line to Juliet, and we experience a brief feeling of thankyouverymuch. We've reached the point where it's near impossible to discern what's going on, since every Other we encounter seems to have a straight story, a double-cross story, a hidden motive, and a reason to stab someone in the back.

Here's my best effort to sort it all out.

LOST Season Three, Disc Four: A Thing for Mind Games

Episodes: 3.13 THE MAN FROM TALLAHASSEE (Locke-centric); 3.14 EXPOSE (Nikki & Paulo-centric); 3.15 LEFT BEHIND (Kate-centric); 3.16 ONE OF US (Juliet-centric)

Things That Stuck Out


We pick up where we left off last disc - with Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Danielle in the bushes outside New Otherton. Juliet joins the game, catches a pass, tells Jack something will be happening tomorrow. Locke sees Ben in a wheelchair, shaking Jack's hand. Everyone's really confused.

Kate sneaks into Jack's house while he plays piano. When he sees her, his reaction scares her. "Get out of here right now! Kate they're watching me!" She's caught, and so is Sayid. But they refuse to give up Locke, who has abandoned them anyway to sneak on over to Ben's house.

Ben hears someone in his room. Turns on the light to see Locke holding a gun at him. He's not looking for Jack; he's looking for the submarine. Locke hereby becomes almost as much of a godsend for Ben as Jack falling out of the sky. Ben - as he later tells Locke - was in a spot, not wanting to let either Juliet or Jack off the island. He was bound by his word, but would be seen as weak by his people. Locke solves that problem with his C-4, even though what Ben told him is that destroying the sub would be detrimental because it would give Ben's people no hope of being able to leave the island if they wished. But that's a deal Ben was willing to make. Alex even tells Locke that Ben just scammed him - made him think this was his own idea. Locke wasn't really buying it, he just says he'll keep that fact in mind for later.

When Tom and Richard come to Ben's room, Locke takes Alex hostage and hides in the closet. Locke requests Richard bring him "The Man from Tallahassee." This is at least the third time Tallahassee has come up on this show (Kate was going to run there; Sawyer experienced drug culture there). We find by the end of the episode that Ben is referring to Locke's dad. He has primed John for this by telling him about "the magic box" on the island that will cause whatever you wish for to appear. It's my belief that there is no magic box, that the Others have had Cooper for a long time. We know how Richard tracked Locke his whole life. We find out from the feds that Cooper went to Mexico after pushing Locke out the window, and after that "just disappeared." I think they knew all along that someday Locke would make it to the island - they knew it was his destiny - and that once he was there, he would have to confront, even kill, his father to be initiated and to prove worthy to lead, just as Ben had had to do with his own father.

When Alex goes to retrieve Locke's pack from Sayid (since it has Locke's C-4 in it), Sayid recognizes her because of her resemblance to Rousseau. Says she looks like her mom. Alex has been told her mom is dead. "I'm sure that's what they told you," says Sayid, who gets a rifle butt to the stomach for that from his guard.