Exciting new promo for Season Six (don't worry - it doesn't spoil anything). I love how the producers have shown us nothing of the upcoming season thus far, though I don't think that's entirely because they want to keep us in suspense. I've been under the working assumption that this is because they literally CAN'T show us anything without giving away the whole premise. Which I am assuming involves what was theorized would happen when Juliet detonated the bomb as the final act of Season Five. And that is: "All of this goes away; none of this ever happened" (which of course stands in contrast to Faraday's counterpoint that "whatever happened, happened" (i.e. the past can not be changed)).

If Juliet was successful and Jack's theories proved correct, then Oceanic 815 lands safely at LAX ("LA X" (with a space between the A and the X) just happening to be the title of the first episode of Season Six), and all of our passengers resume their lives... which of course would be the most foolish and detrimental thing ever for them, considering how soulfully and spiritually bankrupt - LOST - they all were as of September 22, 2004.

This promo would seem to verify that if only barely, with its images of things un-happening.

Coolest thing to check out? See if you can freeze-frame at 0:15. It's been a long time since we've seen Claire, and here she is toting a gun and lookin' rough around the edges. It's the only image of Season Six (has to be Season Six - we've never seen Claire like that before) I've seen, and the only one I want to see until 2/2/10.