Ben does succeed in getting into Sawyer's head, and Sawyer probably remembers the seeds that were planted there the day he jumps out of the helicopter. Ben tells him back in the real world he's just a lowlife scam artist who'd have no shot against a dashing doctor for Kate's affections. Sawyer's learning quickly he really has nothing to go back to. His lifelong mission of killing the real Sawyer has been accomplished. The only thing there for him is a daughter, and he's probably not sure he wants her knowing him.

Each character from the helicopter is someone who we learn about on the day after the fake Flight 815 was found:

Meet Faraday ("headcase" per Naomi)

A complete nerd, Faraday is a physicist who seems to have some memory issues going on, but is also fascinated by things normal people wouldn't notice - like the light not quite scattering right on the island. He's studied time travel, and has regrets from experiements that have gone wrong. At several points in his past-future, he'll meet up with Desmond.

Meet Miles ("ghostbuster" per Naomi)

Miles is extremely interesting because he's all-at-once rip-off artist and legit. He's a testy young Asian-American who uses his powers for good (people get something), but he also scams them a bit too and gets rich off them. He tells Mrs. Gardner up front that she owes him twice his original price, but when he comes downstairs he gives her half back, calling it a refund because getting rid of the ghost wasn't as tricky. Well, that's just because the ghost showed him where his drug money was hidden. Everybody wins (possibly even the ghost), but... does it make you like or dislike Miles? Later on we'll learn that Miles was born on the island (the source of his powers?), and is Dr. Chang's son. He does not want anyone from his team revealing his last name of Straume, however.

Meet Charlotte ("anthropologist" per Naomi)

She's an anthropologist - and a young one - who knows several languages, and also somehow knows there will be a collar with a dharma logo below the skeleton of a polar bear in the Sahara. She seems VERY happy to be on the island - she's giddy like a schoolgirl frolicking in the stream when Locke's group happens upon her. Later we'll learn that she loves Geronimo Jackson and spent some time as a child on the island.

Meet Lapidus ("a drunk" per Naomi)

He's one kick-butt pilot who can fly and land just about anything you can put in the air. He's no-nonsense but remains friendly amid everything. He also saw a cow - how 'bout that.

Opening & Closing

4.1 Open - One big mound of tropical fruit before a blue sky. Then a red camaro smashes through it followed by two police cars.
4.2 Open - Remote submersibles scan the ocean floor at 5,000 meters... and discover an Oceanic airplane.
4.3 Open - Sayid's face in close-up. Eyes closed. He kneels beside the helicopter, praying.

4.1 Close - Daniel Faraday lands on the island. Asks, "Are you Jack?"
4.2 Close - Ben's beaten bloody face, still smug: "Because I have a man on their boat."
4.3 Close - "But they know I'm after them now," says Sayid. "Good," replies Ben, close-up on his face.

Probably Unimportant, But I've Always Wondered...

When we saw the scene from Jack's point of view previously, Faraday - just after parachuting in - says, "Are you Jack?" When we see it from Daniel's perspective, he says, "Hey there. Are you Jack?" The other oddity is that when Jack says, "Who are you?" Daniel doesn't answer right away. Looks at the sky, looks around, then says, "I'm Daniel Faraday, I'm here to rescue you." Was he trying to decide if he should lie? Had he forgotten for a minute (since we do learn that upon arriving at the island he's dealing with some memory issues?).

The photo(s) on the wall of Mrs. Gardner's house where Miles visits - they are in different frames and arrangement before and after he goes upstairs/comes downstairs. Debate has long raged among fans as to whether this is a set error (but then why does the camera pause to show us?), or a plot point (but what would it possibly mean or symbolize?)

I'll close this recap with an Instant Message conversation I had with my boss's boss and fellow LOST and Harry Potter fan Chad Nykamp, past whom I ran my idea of the parallel between the inscription on Naomi's bracelet and HP...

ShawnMcEvoy says: i'm currently recapping "The Economist" and just had this insight i thought i'd run past you:
ShawnMcEvoy says: [shares theory on the initials in Naomi's bracelet and the HP saga]
Chad Nykamp says: possible. the producers did say it was nothing, but they have denied other things that turned out to be true
ShawnMcEvoy says: there sure are a lot of "nothings" that the camera made a heck of a point to linger on. like the picture frames in the house Miles visits
Chad Nykamp says: very true
Chad Nykamp says: it seems to be a strange scene if it means nothing
ShawnMcEvoy says: that's the case with most of those things. which is one reason i have only 12% brain capacity left now
Chad Nykamp says: that's 2% more than you started with.
ShawnMcEvoy says: i knew i could count on you, man
Chad Nykamp says: no problem.