Sawyer wants to know how Locke is running around the jungle if Ben shot him. Locke - in a move similar to Christ showing his wounds to Thomas - lifts his shirt, shows James where the bullet went in, and where it came out. "I'd probably be dead if I still had a kidney there." Rock on. And Sawyer, who knows that story, is becoming something of a believer.

Why is Locke's group keeping Ben alive? Sawyer wants to know. Locke says the only thing dangerous about Ben is his mouth (yeah, you could say the same thing about a shark, too, doesn't mean you want to be in the water with it). Ben's mouth did not put the hole in Locke's gut, Sawyer points out. To which Locke says they can't just execute Ben there in front of his daughter. So apparently Locke is still able to make some distinctions. Knifing someone you've never met in the back from behind is okay if you are trying to protect an island. Shooting the guy who has done nothing but attempt to kill you and manipulate you is out of the question.

Miles kneels over Naomi's body, seeming to pray or something. When he returns, he cofirms Jack and Kate didn't kill her; it happened just like they said it did.

All Season Three we were warned - "everything's going to change." Well everything has! The Others are no longer in control. The Losties are split into factions. A new group has arrived as the newbies, and the Losties are now the resident jungle lords. Case in point - Jack tells Miles and Dan to drop their weapons, because our friends have guns pointed at you as we speak. It looks for a second like he's just trying to trick them, hoping they'll buy the gambit that Jack learned from Tom. Miles - just like our Losties before him so long ago now - can't conceive for a second this could be true... until shots ring out, and there's Sayid and Juliet with guns. The sides have switched (like during a tennis match). We've gone through the looking glass to where left is right and right is left now. Beautiful storytelling.

Sayid points out the obvious to Miles - if the whole world thinks we're dead, why aren't you at all surprised to see us? I guess Naomi was more sold out to the cover story than the science team is.

Locke tells Charlotte their group doesn't want to be found. Jack's group sees Charlotte's signal moving fast, running towards them. It's Vincent - Locke tied Charlotte's transponder to the dog.

When Frank - whose sat phone is broken - fires a flare gun, it's seen by Charlotte and Locke's group. She wonders why these people called her group if they don't want to be rescued. Locke says she's lying about this BEING a rescue. She says she's going to leave now - which is when Ben puts two slugs in her chest (he stole a gun off someone). She, however, was wearing a vest, which only tells Locke she and her group didn't come here on any rescue mission.

Hope = Helicopter. The looks on the faces of Juliet, Jack, Kate and Sayid when they see Frank's helicopter safe and sound are priceless.

Regina - on the boat - tells Miles that Minkowski can't come to the phone right now. We know it's because Minkowski has started having time-travel sickness.

Frank asks Juliet her name. He's studied the Oceanic manifest backwards and forwards, and realizes she's a native. This makes Miles very angry. So angry that he reveals their real mission - showing a picture of Ben. They're here for him. And the picture is of Ben in a real world office setting, wearing real-world (though outdated) clothes.

Locke is going to "clean up his own mess" again. He admits he was wrong, and Sawyer was right - they shouldn't have left Ben alive, he's too dangerous. He's going to execute Ben when...

  • Ben says he has answers John wants
  • Locke demands to know what the monster is
  • Ben says he doesn't know (true? or lie? because he switches the subject to...)

"Her name is Charlotte Lewis - Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis if you're paying attention). But he says she was born in 1979. This has since become a sour subject for the actress, the producers, the fans (see below). Ben knows her parents, siblings, education, and names of her fellow team members. Everyone is floored. Ben says yes, these people ARE a threat. If you want to know how big, keep me alive. Ben knows their mission is for him. Charlotte's face reveals this to be true. How? He has a man on their boat! Looking back now, it looks like a stroke of genius to have let a guy with an extremely guilty conscience leave the island, then tell him he can redeem himself and help his friends. Sometimes, you just gotta give Ben some credit.