Kate and Sawyer debate each other's choices. She's angry he went with Locke. He's angry she doesn't understand that it's not so much he went with Locke as he's got nothing to go back to, and can't understand why she doesn't feel the same, especially since she's got a ticket straight to jail.

Sayid and Locke sit down for a chat. Sayid agrees with Locke that the boat folk are liars, but he asks for Charlotte so that they'll take him to the ship and he can find out for sure what they want and who they are. They arrange a trade - Charlotte for Miles (who Locke has tied up in a shed with a grenade in his mouth).

Daniel and Frank dodge and avoid Desmond's questions about whether they've ever seen or heard of Penelope Widmore, but their reactions say this is a big secret.

Daniel tells Frank that it is of utmost important to follow the same bearing they came in on. First ride out is Frank, Sayid, Desmond, and Naomi's body.


Hurley's red Camaro is working! Working a little too well, as he speeds through boxes of tropical fruit ahead of two black-and-whites. A normal-looking Jack Shephard drinks his morning screwdriver and recognizes the speeding car on the news. He's not pleased. When the cops finally box Hurley in, he runs. They catch him and he shouts, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!" (My assumption was and is that Hurley's dad - after believing Hurley was dead - finally fixed the Camaro in tribute)

Hurley has always hated lying. Later this season, we'll see he never wanted to lie about their story. But when Ana-Lucia's old partner - now a detective - questions him, and asks if he ever met her, he lies. Says nope. You can see he doesn't like having to do so. The cops have security footed of Hurley buying something in a convenience store, getting spooked by something, and running, and not stopping until the cops pull his car over. He's been seeing the ghosts of dead friends from the island, such as Charlie. In fact, as Hugo sits there, the observation window turns - from his point of view - into a tank of water, in which up swims a hooded Charlie, who presses his left hand up against the glass (just like he did with Desmond, and there's something written on it). The glass breaks, and Hurley thinks water is pouring into the holding cell. Freeze frame shows the note on Charlie's hand reads, "They need you." Who? Hurley is extremely relieved to find out from the cops that he can go back to the nut house.

Matthew Abbadon comes to visit Hurley, claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic, and offers to move him to a better institution. Hurley says no thanks. And he definitely doesn't want to be near the ocean. As he leaves, he looks menacingly at Hurley and asks, "Are they still alive?" When he leaves, he casts one HECK of a big black shadow (I recall first time around several people theorized that he was Smokey gone off-island).

Hurley sits outside, happily doing a watercolor of an igloo (polar theme returning?) when another crazy guy warns him that someone's staring at him. It's Charlie. Can anyone/everyone see him? Or just insane people?

"I am dead. But I'm also here," says Charlie to a disbelieving Hurley. When Hurley wants proof, Charlie smacks him. We can't buy this, because we've seen the same thing happen to Hurley with Dave (where Hurley was probably just smacking himself under the guise of his alternate personality). Charlie says that just like he had a job to do swimming to the Looking Glass, so Hugo has one to do, but he's been hiding from it. Three times Charlie repeats "They need you" while Hugo closes his eyes and counts to five, at which point Charlie is gone.

Jack pops in to visit Hurley in the institution. They play Horse - Hurley smokes Jack. He has Walt-like luck these days (curse must be broken). Jack mentions he's thinking about growing a beard - just a clue for us so we know that his crazy days are still in front of him (because he seems so well adjusted and happy right now to be back doing surgeries and signing autographs). Hurley thinks Jack is really there to make sure that in flipping out he doesn't reveal the Oceanic Six's big lie.