On their fifth date, they are headed to the Opera. Elsa says she's going to leave her pager behind, an odd choice. Why? It's worth losing this cush job? Sayid points out that there is much newer technology. She says her employer is very old-fashioned. She seems mildly suspicious of Sayid, who was originally only going to be in town for a week.

Sayid finally comes clean to Elsa, whom he believes loves him, that he's going to kill her employer, who he knows is not an economist, because his name is on a list. "You kill people 'cause they're on a list? Innocent people?" This is where we should clue in that Sayid is working for Ben, who used to do this exact thing on the island. She shoots him, calls her contact. Says Sayid had no idea that she was spying on him, but that Sayid is never going to give up the name of HIS boss now. Sayid distracts her by breaking a mirror... then shoots and kills her. Then, he checks her bracelet. Guess he likes checking the jewelry of dead women.

Injured, Sayid limps into a veterinarian's office and is told to take off his shirt. He's working an an assassin for Ben!

  • (Note: Now that we're into the flash-forward and Oceanic Six part of the series, I've eliminated the "paths crossing off-island" section. These things are part of the story now, instead of mysterious coincidences).
  • Appearances of the Numbers: 4 people on the helicopter, Daniel tells Jack (true); 15 is in a big circle on a poster in the room of the ghost Miles visits; "1516 Rein" says the sign over Sayid's shoulder in the restuarant; 842 are the numbers in the call sign of the helicopter
  • Deaths: Naomi (officially this time. Last time, she was only "mostly dead"); Elsa, who Sayid is forced to shoot; Mr. Avellino, shot by Sayid on the golf course in the Seychelles.

Themes Established or Revisited

  1. Sanity. Hurley fears he's going crazy with his visions, and is very relieved to go back to Santa Rosa ... Kate asks why Locke would kill Naomi. Jack says it's because Locke's crazy. But then he says his THIRD "I'm gonna kill him/you" statement within what must be his last 50 lines. He said it to Tom, he said it about Ben, he said it about Locke. Who's talking like the raving bloodthirsty loon? ... "Are you insane?" -- Jack, to Locke's claim of always acting in everyone's best interests.
  2. Home.
    Kate: Are we really goin home?
    Jack: Yeah, we're really goin home?
    Don't be so sure.
  3. Heroism. Claire tells Rose that Bernard is a hero. Rose says everyone knows that Claire's man is the real hero.
  4. Freedom. Hurley confides in Bernard that he won the lottery - worst thing that ever happened to him. He realizes that when he gets home he'll be free of it, because he'll have been declared dead. He celebrates and expresses his freedom with a cannonball into the ocean.
  5. Time. "There isn't much time." -- Locke, when the groups are splitting into factions to follow Locke or Jack ... "Water under the bridge" and "Never say never" are time-related phrases spoken during Jack's visit to Hurley in Santa Rosa ... Jack says it "feels like 100 years ago he Kate and Charlie came to the cockpit together." Might it have been? Has time looped that many times?
  6. Lies. This time, little lies are no longer the issue (Ghost Charlie even explains to Hurley that when he lied to him about his suicide mission, it was to spare the delay and the drama this would have caused). Now, for Hurley, he's living ONE BIG LIE. And those? Those fester.
  7. Death / Ghosts / Communing with the Dead. The mysterious cabin ... the sight of Christian in the rocking chair ... Miles and his powers ... the world "confirming" as dead all of the 815 passengers ... Locke getting instructions from someone who can't possibly be there (remember what Miss Klugh once asked Michael - has Walt ever shown up somewhere he wasn't supposed to be?).
  8. Trust. It's said more times regarding who certain characters trust and who they don't that I lost count. But this is fairly obvious after a schism like the one we've seen occur.
    "I know it's no use having friends you can't trust." -- Ben, to Sayid.

The Game