Hurley's back in Santa Rosa, playing Connect Four again, with a new partner.

Across the room from Hurley, Matthew Abbadon - our first time to see him - sits behind a chessboard and waves.

Hurley shoots baskets and beats Jack at Horse in the Santa Rosa gym (because Jack quits down H-O once he gets what he came for - knowledge that Hurley's gonna keep living the lie). "You win," Jack says.

The first time we see Sayid in his working-for-Ben assassin role, he's golfing.

"Amazing, huh? How we wager? Makes just about anything more fun." -- the Italian guy, Mr. Avellino, Sayid murders on the golf course. And perhaps insight into the meta-game that's going on throughout the series surrounding the island.

"Which side did you land on?" -- Miles to Sayid, who has not decided yet. He

Lapidus confirms for Jack that the Red Sox did really win the World Series in 2004. It's now been 100 days since Jack has seen a game.

"How long, Sawyer? How long do you think we can play house?" -- Kate.

"A war is coming which we will both be powerless to stop." -- Sayid, to Locke. One of our first references to the coming battle.

Lapidus tells Sayid he "cheated" in bringing back Charlotte... but not Miles.

Black-and-white: the cop cars that chase Hurley in the opening sequence of the season; the sign on the German restaurant Sayid visits, Die Mauer?; a German pedestrian crossing sign the camera makes a point to linger on; Sayid wears a tuxedo on his 5th date with Elsa.

Religious References

The name Abbadon means "A place of destruction," "The Destroyer," or "The Depths of Hell." What's more, Hurley doesn't trust this guy. In the book Pilgrim's Progress the characters of "Christian" and "Appollyon" (another name for Abbadon) do battle.

Our group is no longer united. They have split, and the era of denominationalism has begun, marking the Beginning of the End. I LOVE that this takes place at the site where part of their plane - the thing that brought them together in the first place - rests torn apart. And I love that this split - like most in the church or any other instutition - takes place over a misunderstood and poorly communicated act, to where even those who you had thought share the most intimate reasons for communion (see Locke and Rose) no longer want anything to do with each other. Well, that's only partly true. The thing that has me siding with Locke is he's still willing to accept anyone from Jack's group who wants to see the light. The reverse would not be true for everyone.

Resurrected Locke showing his wounds to a disbelieving Sawyer is straight out of the Easter story.

A poster with the word "Resurrection" in the dead boy's room in Inglewood shows an individual with head up to the sky and arms to the side in the nearly identical pose we've seen Locke make so often.

Miles: I do care about this guy Locke. Maybe you can tell me how he managed to split your happy little family in half.
Sayid: There was a fundamental debate about whether your people were coming to rescue us, or kill us.

The first book Sayid notices on Ben's bookshelf is the Quran.

Mysteries or Questions Since Solved

  • Why does O6 Hurley apologize to Jack and say he should have gone with him instead of Locke? How can he say that when he was so impassioned about Charlie's sacrifice? Does he perhaps think that change in decision would have created a different future for him - one where he remained on the island?
  • Who is it that "needs" Hurley, as Ghost Charlie says?
  • Is the airplane on the ocean floor the actual 815 (and our Survivors are either dead or in an alternate reality), or is it staged?
  • Why is Daniel so upset about the news report on Oceanic 815?
  • What are the gas masks for, and what is Daniel's team's objectives outside of capturing Ben?
  • How did one of the Dharma polar bears end up in Tunisia?

Mysteries or Questions Still Needing Answers