• Why is the 815 crash site in the Indian Ocean?
  • It does appear from how Locke and Hurley disagree on the cabin's location that it DOES move around. How?
  • Why doesn't light "scatter right" (according to Faraday) on the island?
  • How is Miles apparently able to commune with the dead? Where did this power come from? Where's Bruce Willis?
  • Who is "R.G." from the inscription in Naomi's bracelet? To this day, we don't know. A few of my favorite theories are that the inscription could be an anagram ("Wholly Liar, Wings Beauty"?) or something of that sort, or - and I prefer this one - it could be the identity of another that remains hidden thus far, the very title character of the same episode, The Economist. This reminds me of the Harry Potter saga, where later in the game we also find a piece of jewelry with a note from someone who left initials - R.A.B. We aren't sure if we know this character or not, but they turn out to have been very important, self-sacrificing, and repentant - having seen the error of their ways and the danger of certain individuals. They betray a former master. And like that person, perhaps we won't learn about R.G. until the final book/season.

Add to the LOST Library:

  • Lewis, C.S. Known more as an author of fantasy fiction and a Christian apologist than as a "philosopher," so he doesn't really join our count of Locke-Rousseau-Bentham-Hume-Burke as characters sharing names with philosophers. But Lewis had a definite world view, and his inclusion via Charlotte's initials in the show's pantheon of influences is not accidental. He might be most important to the plot as someone who fell away from faith during adolescence only to embrace it again and become one of its greatest champions later in life.

Excellent Lines


"I'm trying to buy some jerky and a Slushee, and suddenly you're standing by the Ho-hos!" -- Hurley, to Ghost Charlie.

Locke: No dream. It was Walt. Only... taller.
Sawyer: Taller?! What, like a giant?
(The production team has a little fun here acknowledging Malcolm David Kelly's growth)

"You're wasting your time, Yoda." -- Sawyer, to Ben, who is still playing mind games, this time telling Sawyer he blew his chance with Kate.

"Sure, who are we to argue with Taller Ghost Walt?" -- Sawyer

"Well here's an idea - how bout we a take a gun, point it at his big toe, and send that little piggie to market. And if he still doesn't want to talk, then we point it at the roast beef." -- Sawyer, suggesting they use this method to make Ben talk.

Kate: Kinda sucks, huh? Being told not to come along? Now you know what it feels like to be me.
Jack: Does that mean I should wait 20 minutes and go anyway?

Miles: Where the heck did they go, Tubby?
Hurley: Oh, awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer.

Sayid: I'm not going to hurt you, Hurley.
Hurley: Yeah, I saw you snap that guy's neck with that breakdancing thing you do with your legs. I think I'll hang back here.

More Meaningful (and double-meaningful)

"You got yourself good and LOST out here, Hugo." -- Locke

Sawyer: You mind telling us who you're getting your orders from, Colonel Kurtz?
Locke: I got 'em from Walt.

"No matter what you hear, don't come up." -- Miles, to Mrs. Gardner, whose house he is ghostbusting. And good to see that in Season Four we continue to be warned about or have emphasis placed upon things we hear.

"He wants to know if you're LOST." -- Charlotte's assistant, translating the words of a Tunisian man on the dig.

"Forgive me, but the day I start trusting him is the day I would have sold my soul." -- Sayid, to Locke about Ben. Truer words were never spoken. Poor Sayid.


Sawyer's grown attached to Hugo. Asks if he wants to talk about Charlie's death, and offers to have the group slow down for Hurley's sake.