Mysteries or Questions Since Solved

  • How and why was Ben transported to Tunisia wearing a Dharma parka?
  • How exactly did Ben "summon" the Smoke Monster?
  • If Charles found the island (put Keamy on it), why does Ben say he'll never find it again? What, did it MOVE or something? ;-)
  • Who killed Ray the ship's doctor? Why does he seem to arrive dead before he's even killed on the boat?
  • How and when did Jack learn he was related to Aaron?
  • Will Locke really meet Abaddon again? When? And if he works for Widmore, why does he want Locke on that island?
  • "Who builds a cabin in the middle of the jungle anyway" asks Hurley. "That's a good question," replies Locke. So we list it here.
  • We know the O6 now, and we know that Desmond stayed on the freighter, never intending to set foot on the island again. But... where is he, then? What was his fate?
  • "Move the island"? How does one move an island?

Mysteries or Questions Still Needing Answers

  • How did Ben know the date would be about 10 months different in Tunisia than from the island? Why is it so?
  • Why can't Ben kill Widmore?
  • Widmore says he knows WHAT Ben is. Does this have anything to do with how Ben survived his gunshot wounds as a kid, and Richard said he would be forever changed?
  • If Widmore didn't leave the island until he was forced off already well into maturity, how did he amass such vast wealth and importance?
  • Where's all this electrical power coming from? (see below in Excellent Lines)
  • Why and how did Jack get sick (appendicitis)?

Add to the LOST Library:

  • "Gettin' Better Every Day," by Cass Eliot. Second song we've had by Mama Cass ("Make Your Own Kind of Music").
  • The Shining. Minkowski accuses Michael of "going Nicholson" on them the way he's bouncing a tennis ball the way Jack does in that movie. Also interesting because the Captain will soon after describe the symptoms his people have as "cabin fever."
  • Alice in Wonderland (again). Jack reads this to Aaron at bedtime, including the line, "I wonder if I'd been changed in the night."
  • "Everyday," by Buddy Holly. Emily Locke dances to this just before being hit by a car and giving birth to her preemie son.

Excellent Lines


Kate [sees Jack taking some meds]: You got a prescription for those?
Jack: Yeah, I wrote it myself.
It's actually not all that funny, as he's going to end up doing just that when he's strung out in the future.

"Let me guess, 14-J ain't the code for the pizza boy." -- Sawyer

Daniel: Where do you think all this [electrical] power's coming from?
Charlotte: Add that one to your list, Dan.
Okay, we'll add it to our list above, too, then.

Jin: Do you think she knows he likes her?
Sun: She's a woman. She knows.

More Meaningful (and double-meaningful)

"We gave Walt back to you in one piece, Mike, you're the one who LOST him." -- Tom, to Michael.

"What kind of guy do you think I am?" -- Keamy, to Ben. This might be the most-used repeat line on this show when someone feels impugned who has absolutely no right to be.

"You're not even related to him!" Jack screams at Kate about Aaron. It's true - he's the boy's uncle and she's only pretending to be his mommy... The bigger meaning is that Jack somewhere has obviously found out he's related to Aaron.

Ben: [Hugo] actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad John. Not bad at all.
Locke: I'm not you.
Ben: You're certainly not.

Guidance counselor: You can't be a superhero.
Young Locke: Don't tell me what I can't do!
(His favorite line, again not liking the rules or the suggestion of restrictions he doesn't want to live by)

"I was told a lot of things, too. That I was chosen, that I was special. I ended up with a tumor on my spine and my daughter's blood on my hands. Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. You'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen." -- Ben
Yes there are, especially what if you are chosen for is just to be a pawn in someone else's bigger game to settle a bigger argument, perhaps like the one between Jacob and the Man in Black...