Faraday's sat phone is busted, but it's possible he could still use it to send morse code, like a telegraph. When they do, he sends a message asking what happened to the doctor. When the reply comes back, Faraday lies. Bernard catches it, as he knows Morse code. What the reply actually said is, "What are you talking about - the doctor is fine." 

Jack gets upset. Demands of Faraday: "Where you ever going to take us off this island?" No. Jack's stomach cramps start again. Juliet diagnoses appendicitis - Jack concurs. She dispatches Sun to the Staff hatch for a list of medical supplies, rather than moving Jack there.

"We're all gonna die," says Hurley, in close-up... but it's revealed he, Sawyer, and Locke are only playing a game (Risk).

Keamy knows about the sonic fence. Leads Alex to it as prisoner and tells her to turn it off. Instead of pressing 1-6-2-3 as we've seen Juliet do previously, she presses 1-6-2-2, which triggers an alarm that rings at Ben's house (while also probably turning the fence off). Locke answers, and an automated voice tells him there's a Code 14-J. When they tell Ben about it, he springs into action.

Sawyer goes to wake-up Claire (Aaron was with Hurley while they played Risk and Claire napped), while Ben tells Locke "it's very important" he survive what's about to go down. Three people are killed, though somehow Sawyer manages to use a white picket fence for cover. He heads for Claire's house... which gets bazooka'd.

So here's the question about Claire - did she survive the bazooka blast AND being covered by rubble? Obviously, right? She's up and walking around and corporeal and everyone can see and talk to her. Then again...

  • Aaron - with Hurley - was calm before Claire's house was attacked; he's crying like crazy after
  • She thought she was with Charlie when Sawyer found her
  • When she shows back up she says she's, "a bit wobbly, but I'll live." To which Miles answers, "I wouldn't be too sure about that."
  • Miles starts staring at her funny, like Mr. Ghostbuster can't figure out what's going on with her
  • Claire says her head feels funny, "but at least I'm not seeing things anymore."
  • She doesn't much have a maternal instinct for Aaron anymore
  • She goes off with her Ghost Dad and the next time we'll see her is looking weird in the Cabin. And after that, we won't see her again until Season Six.

Ben tells Locke that the only one who can save them now is Jacob, and they'll have to go see him together. Locke doesn't know where the cabin is, but Ben knows that Hurley does.

Miles has been freed by Keamy, and given a walkie, so they can talk to Ben. Ben has no intention of talking. Miles says they have a hostage, but Ben says that's a miscalculation, because every one of his people would die in service of the island. But... it's Alex...

When Keamy executes Alex, the look on Ben's face is of complete horror and surprise. He is truly shocked and awed (which he had said was these people's plan in coming ashore).

Ben takes off for his Batcave behind the bookcase, locking Sawyer and Locke out. He has yet another hidden room behind the wall of his closet, one marked with heiroglyphs. When he comes back out a few minutes later, he's covered in grime and tells everyone that in a few minutes they'll have to run as fast as they can. They don't know it, but he's just called in the Monster.

Smokey arrives like a freight train and starts pounding on some mercs. Ben sends his group off into the woods, and will catch up to them after he says goodbye to Alex. He truly is sad over her.

As Ben and Locke discuss going to the cabin and getting word from Jacob on what to do next, Sawyer's had enough of "you two wackos." He's leaving for the beach, and everyone else is going with him. Locke pulls his gun, because they need Hurley to find the cabin. Hurley goes along voluntarily. He'll catch up to Sawyer later. Sawyer threatens to kill Locke if any harm befalls Hurley. Locke says, "fair enough."