Okay, whatever has happened will continue to happen and perhaps has always happened. At least Locke now knows what they have to do.

For the first time, I feel a twinge of sympathy for Ben. Not only has he lost his daughter, but he has sorrow as he realizes what John has just had that he did not when he says, "I used to have dreams."

Hurley's Theory: The people who can see the cabin are the crazy people. Does this also apply to ghosts? But Jack has never been labeled as or implied to be crazy. Locke thinks they can because they're special. Of course he does.

Locke makes a funny -- they're going to make a "pit stop" before going to the cabin. Oh Locke, you slay me. Locke does find Horace's body, and in the pocket, he finds the blueprints for the cabin, including it's location on the island.

Ben says he should have realize that trying to kill Locke was pointless, but he wasn't thinking clearly at the time. He also tells Hurley that HE didn't kill the Dharma Initiative in the Purge (he told Jack differently that day near the radio tower), because he wasn't always their leader. Someone else was. And that's true... I never caught this or made the connection the first time through, perhaps thinking that Ben was referring to Jacob, or even Richard. But now I think he means Widmore. The problem with that, however, is that Widmore was long gone from the island well before 1992. So is Ben lying, or does he mean Jacob?

The "secondary protocol" that Keamy opens has a Dharma logo as a cover sheet. What the...? Dharma and Widmore and this operation are all together? "If Linus knows we're going to torch the island, there's only one place he can go."

Omar is receiving the morse code message during the day (Daniel sent it at night), and Ray is fine... although he's about to not be.

Gault warns Sayid and Desmond that Keamy's going to torch the island. Sayid asks for the Zodiac so they can ferry people to the boat and try to save their friends.  Gault gives them the bearing of 305 they'll need to follow. (Why did Ben give Michael a 325 bearing way back when?)

Lapidus frees Michael, and says he would have believed he was an 815 survivor, but he's not going to the place Michael is - believing Widmore is the one who staged the crash site. He also says to let him worry about Keamy. They notice Keamy getting a death switch installed on his body that will blow the freighter if his heart stops beating. Frank's gambit was to tell Keamy he's not taking him, and if he kills him, too bad, he's the only pilot. Nice try, but Keamy slits poor Doc Ray's throat and dumps him overboard. Gault gets the drop on Keamy, but Keamy shows the kill switch on his arm and says he shouldn't do that. Then he shoots the Captain. This is enough to convince Frank to fly. It also means my brain is going in circles trying to figure if the the island is ahead of or behind the boat in terms of time based on when Ray washes up, so I'm not going to try. Lapidus flies over Jack's beach bringing Keamy back, and drops something out of the chopper for the Losties. The bag contains a sat phone tracking his signal.

This time when they arrive at the cabin, they all three see it. Ben wishes him, "Good luck, John," and as in the past, 'luck' sounds an awful lot like 'Locke,' to where it could be interpreted "Good Locke John," and maybe Locke has finally become one of the good guys.

Locke Enters the Cabin a Second Time

  • Lights the lantern (this is probably symbolic of a truth quest, and probably why the lantern is unbroken every time)
  • Opening the door, he clearly sees someone in the chair
  • Are you Jacob?
  • No. But I can speak on his behalf
  • Well who are you?
  • I'm Christian (he brings his face out of the shadows into the light, smiles at Locke)
  • Do you know why I'm here?
  • Yeah, sure. Do you?
  • I'm here because I was chosen to be
  • That's absolutely right
  • Locke hears a creak, looks to the side. Light falls on Claire grinning one creepy grin. "Don't worry, I'm fine - I'm with him."
  • Where's the baby?
  • Christian: The baby's where he's supposed to be, and that's not here. It's probably best if you don't tell anyone that you saw her.
  • Locke: Why?
  • We don't have time for this. The people from the boat are already on their way back, and once they get here all of these questions won't matter one bit. (Suggesting that all of humanity's religious and existential questions are immaterial in the light of the truth of being constantly threatened with extinction and survival?) So why don't you ask the one question that does matter.
  • Locke: How do I save the island?
  • Christian and Claire smile. That was the right question.

Outside, Hurley and Ben do not speak, but Hugo shares an Apollo bar with his former enemy. He might be the one truly good person in this place. When Locke comes out, he confirms that he does indeed know what to do -- move the island.