"It's taken me a few days to figure out our next move." -- Locke, to the barracks group.

"The rules of desertion still apply to everyone." -- Capt. Gault.

"It's game time. Are you in or out?!" -- Tom, calling Michael as he boards the freighter

"So much for the fairer sex, huh?" -- Lapidus, to Michael. Both sides of gender can play equally unfairly as both sides in the LOST mega-battle.

Keamy & Co. do skeet shooting with machine guns from the deck of the boat. Talk about overkill.

"When I'm at war, I'll do what I need to win." -- Ben

Hurley, Sawyer, and Locke all play Risk. "He wants us to fight amongst ourselves."

"What if your dad is playing us?" -- Karl. So let's ask then - what if? It would mean that Ben knows that Danielle and Karl would be killed, and Alex perhaps used as bait. There is an argument to be made that he would be happy with all of that. It would also assume Ben could guarantee them crossing paths with Keamy's group. That I'm not so sure about. Maybe Ben just figured he'd win either way, whether Alex reached the Temple, or whether her companions got killed and she was used as bait (since we know he believes it's "against the rules" to kill her anyway).

"Australia's the key to the whole game." -- Hurley. Could this be true, with the flight originating from Sydney? Is it more than just true of the game Risk as Hurley sees it?

"She's a pawn, nothing more." -- What Ben says about Alex in hopes Keamy won't kill her. He also denies she's his daughter and that she means anything to him.

"HE CHANGED THE RULES." -- Ben, when Keamy kills Alex. This, most likely, is "the shape of things to come;" the game will now be played winner take all, gloves off, no holds barred.

"Go home Sayid. This is my war, not yours." -- Ben, knowing full well Sayid will never find home again, and has nothing else to do but sign up for the Ben army.

Young Locke sets up backgammon when Richard comes to test him at the home of his foster mother. Locke's foster sister Melissa is still alive, and she pushes his game, calling it "stupid." Richard's first-ever question to him is: "You like backgammon? You seem to have a pretty good sense of the game."

Teenage Locke likes "boxing, and fishing, and cars, and sports." He likes the game, not the science. Fortunately, there's room for both in the story of the island.

Black-and-white: Keamy has a thick-black-line tattoo on his left shoulder that looks like a menacing angel with devil horns; close-up on the piano keys as Ben plays; X-rays Jack looks at back in LA; Aaron's stuffed Orca he carries downstairs; young Locke has made a B&W stick figure drawing that looks one heck of a lot like a man getting attacked by Smokey.

Religious References

The others have a "Temple" on the island, which Ben says is a sanctuary. Alex and Karl haven't known about it previously because "it wouldn't be a sanctuary if I told everyone." It's a day and a half from the barracks, and it's where the rest of the Others have gone.

"It's a miracle you're alive." -- 'Nurse Libby' to Michael after his car crash.

Tom has such "faith" that the island won't let Michael kill himself, he hands him back the loaded gun to let Michael go ahead and try.

When Ben calls Michael on the boat from his home, the first shot we see is a close-up of a god figurine praying. Looks Indian, possibly?

Bernard: Are you saying that Jack did something to offend the gods? People get sick Rose.
Rose: Not here. Here, they get better.

Baby Locke's nurses referred to him as "a miracle baby." He fought off everything that threatened him.