4.12 Close - "My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me?" Keamy points gun at his head, instead uses it to knock Ben out.
4.13 Close - Locke: You just killed everybody on that boat! Ben: So?
4.14 Close - "I said all of you - we're gonna have to bring him, too." -- Ben, as the camera finally pans up and over the coffin lid onto the face of Dead Locke.

Three hours of episode titled "No Place Like Home." But of course. You only get home if you click your heels and say it three times...

Probably Unimportant, But I've Always Wondered...

As I noted during Milepost 20 where Jack testified at Kate's trial in the Eggtown episode: "During Jack's testimony he says they crashed on an island in the South Pacific. How is this being reconciled with where the wreckage was found? I'm drawing a blank." In "No Place Like Home," the O6 press conference is all about the crash site in the INDIAN OCEAN, near Bali, just like the world has been led to believe the plane is. Is this not bothering anybody else? Why doesn't anyone flip out during Kate's trial when Jack mentions crashing in the Pacific?

In this episode, I did for the first time see two helipads on the freighter. So my problem last time with figuring the two-helicopter problem in last milepost is moot.