Did the chamber opening in the Orchid look like an angel when Ben opened it?

Locke still thinks there's a magic box. Wonders if the Orchid is it. Ben's eyes nearly roll out of his skull as he tells him it's not (it's not a complete denial there is one, but we do know he told Locke once before that the magic box was metaphorical. Locke just so much wants to believe in magic... even though in his first ever dialog with Jack he told him he didn't much believe in magic - and this was even after Locke had already met Smokey. Locke won't stop asking questions, so Ben treats him like a father might treat a son who came up to the dad's office: "Why don't you watch this very informative video, and I'll take care of some business." Ben sets to filling the chamger with metallic objects (something the video says NEVER to do), while Locke watches...

Orchid Orientation

  • Orchid is station 6 of 6 (so the final one to be finished?)
  • Chang this time is "Edgar Halliwax" - and his candle theme continues. But why the ruse?
  • The unique properties of the island have created a Casimir Effect, a real physical term involving electromagnetism
  • The result is that Dharma can conduct experiments involving both space, and time
  • The vault is built next to a pocket of "negatively charged exotic matter"
  • Never put metallic objects in there (Ben is doing this as he speaks)
  • Chang moves the test rabbit ahead 100 miliseconds into 4-dimensional space (meaning ahead in time). This will cause it to seemingly have disappeared. It's in the same spot, the observers just haven't caught up to it yet. This explains why there is a time difference between freighter and island, and why the island can not be found. You can have the coordinates but still not be able to see it because it hasn't shown up yet.
  • At this point, the video auto-rewinds, and Locke can't learn any more right now

Hurley wanted them to come back and look for Claire after they drop at the boat. :-( Over the ocean, the chopper starts losing fuel. It took a bullet to the tank during the skirmish on the island. They have to jettison weight. It hurts to see Hurley's face. This is when Sawyer makes his great sacrifice.

Another Catch-22 - with the chopper leaking fuel, they could make it back to the island, but there's no fuel there, which would make the helicopter worthless, though they'd be safe. If they fly around looking for the freighter they might make it to safety, or they might have to ditch in the ocean. Jack will only accept the latter. Good leadership for being single-minded and making a command decision, or obsessed control freak actions? You decide.

Charlotte has been looking for where she was born.

As Keamy dies, Michael, Jin, and Desmond see the light go red. Michael has about five minutes left in the nitrogen tank, and, he knows, in his life. They dispatch Des to get everyone off the boat... just as the chopper wants to land on it AND needs to take on fuel. Michael's last conversation is to tell his friend Jin that, being a father now, he has responsibilities, so get out of here and get your wife and kid to safety. Michael knows only all too well what a father does to protect or save his family. So with this, and with the nitrogen running low, Christian - representing the island/Jacob - can appear to him and tell him, "You can go now, Michael." Boom.

I really wish I could say that I can't stand to hear Sun scream because I have sadness and sympathy. But no, it's because I really can't stand to hear her screams. And besides, Jin lives, dude. Fast-forwarding commenced... Now, with the freighter gone, the chopper has nowhere to land but the island. As they head for it, Sun screams some more, because not only is her husband presumed dead, and she's separated from him, but now she has nowhere to go other than the island that's going to kill her and her baby in a matter of weeks. So more screaming.