With nowhere to land, the chopper crashes into the ocean, but everyone makes it to the life raft. Jack has some pangs of guilt, but swallows them by telling himself, "It's okay - it's okay - we're alive." Exactly one season after he made that ill-advised phone call to the freigter, he did indeed get himself and a few others off the island... at what cost?

Hurley's no longer going to put up with Jack's unbelief. Hurley is amazed that crazy old Locke really moved the island. Jack says he didn't. "Oh really? 'Cuz one minute it was there and the next it was gone, so, unless we like overlooked it, dude, that's exactly what he did. If you've got another explanation man, I'd love to hear it."

We've been here before -- group of Losties on a raft off the island spotted by a boat at night. But this time, it couldn't be cooler. Only thing is, Jack only has a few minutes to explain to all his raftmates that they are going to have to make up one helluva lie - just like Locke told him.

The lie isn't just to protect their friends, though. It's also to protect them, from powerful enemies who would shut them up if they started spouting off to the world that the wreck on the ocean floor isn't their plane. So sometimes, is the truth just impossible? Is it not even an option? Or does it remain an option, just one with a heavy burden and possible sacrifice? Perhaps. So does not wanting to make that sacrifice excuse the lie?

Penny's boat The Searcher (great name for several reasons) finds our castaways, and there is a wonderful reunion at long last. My only question is - Penny was in her London flat on Christmas Eve. Did she get out to her boat in the Pacific that quickly following her conversation with Desmond? It's not at all outside the realm of possibility, just a tad odd.

On week later, Penny's boat has made for Membatu 3,000 miles away so the lie can be perpetuated as we've already seen it explained in the O6 press conference. Hurley's NOT cool with it. Frank and Desmond are staying on board the Searcher, obviously.

"Don't let 'em find you, Desmond. And I'll see you in another life, brotha."

"Let's go home." -- Jack


Oceanic is not forcing the O6 to speak to reporters. But considering they have this nice lie cooked up to, supposedly, protect all their friends, they might as well start sharing it, right? Jack almost seems eager to do so.

The O6 Press Conference
(from Lostpedia.com)

"Oceanic Airlines public relations representative Karen Decker moderated the press conference with the Oceanic Six in an airplane hanger in Honolulu shortly after they had returned. Relying on the location of the crash wreckage in the Sunda Trench, she approximated where the crash occurred on a map of Indonesia, stating that the survivors were carried by the ocean's current to an island known as Membata. Membata, she stated, is an uninhabited, uncharted island in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Decker stated that at some point while on Membata, Kate Austen "gave birth" to her baby, Aaron.
She then stated that 103 days after the crash, a typhoon washed up the remnants of an Indonesian fishing boat, including basic supplies and a survival raft. Five days later - exactly 108 days after the crash - the Oceanic Six survivors used the survival raft to travel East to Sumba, where they came ashore near a village called Manukangga."

It still bothers me that this crash site is nowhere near the route between Sydney and LA, and that Jack will later - at Kate's trial - say they crashed in the South Pacific. Why nobody in the real world or in the O6 or Oceanic is making a fuss about this bugs me.

Also, how is it being explained that the submersible cameras supposedly counted 324 people aboard the staged crash... and yet here sit five of those?