In discussing Boone, Libby, and Charlie, Jack explains how and when they died. Libby's last name is, as always, conspicuously unmentioned. Hurley hangs his head when Jack mentions her. Why did they O6 choose these three and not others as part of their story?

Kate's legal issue is "off the table" for the press conference, Decker says.

Sayid is asked if it's "possible" that anyone else survived. I mean, you six did. He flatly answers no. Hey, anything's possible, but the O6 just doesn't want anyone even going looking for any other survivors.

Nadia has shown up after the press conference, and at long last, she and Sayid are together, if only briefly.

When Sun arrives at her father's office, he's wondering how something could have happened. Whoever did this thing used five different banks. Sun tells him she did it - she bought a controlling interest in his company that morning... with her O6 settlement money? We're supposed to believe that she got enough in a settlement from one company to buy a controlling interest in another? Not in a million years. But fine. The point is she's really angry at her father for what he did to Jin, and she blames him and one other unspecified person (Ben).

Hurley pulls up in a clunker car with a bag of Mr. Cluck's at his mom's mansion. Nobody's around, but he sees tropical fruits and hears whispers. It's a surprise party, of course! What did you think - that the Others were hiding in his house?

Jack's dad's memorial service is 10 months after he died, so probably around July 2005. Why'd they wait so long after getting back to do this? Afterwards, Claire's mom introduces herself, tells Jack her story, in which he learns Claire was his sister. Of course he can't even pretend to have known her. Carole also thinks Aaron is beautiful. Kate overhears the convo, gives him an "are you kidding me?" look.

This Jeremy Bentham cat has been visiting the O6. Kate "knew" Bentham was crazy. Jack, meanwhile, believed him, because that was the only way to keep Kate and Aaron safe. She slaps him - he's not allowed to say his name.

"I spent the last 3 years (late 2007?) trying to forget all the horrible things that happened the day we left. How dare you ask me to go back!" -- Kate, announcing the finale of Season Four is about to begin, take your seats.

Hurley now snacks on fruit roll ups rather than candy and other junk in Santa Rosa. He is doing so when Walt's grandmother visits, having brought Walt all the way from NYC to see him:

  • Walt has gotten big
  • Walt was waiting for one of the O6 to come see him, but no one ever did (they couldn't because of their lie - which has now hurt yet another person)
  • Bentham did go see Walt
  • Walt knows the O6 is lying - he doesn't understand why. But, he should understand, since he and his dad had to lie a bit, too, not using their own names and such, when they first returned
  • "We lied because it's the only way to protect everyone that didn't come back."
  • "Like my dad?"

Sayid breaks Hurley out of Santa Rosa after killing the man who was keeping tabs on Hugo. Sayid's been spooked into action by Bentham's death, something with bothers Hurley too. "They said it was suicide," says Sayid. Hurley seizes on the "they said" part of that. Hurley is also good here to ask what we would like to ask - come on, guys, WHY do you keep calling him Bentham when his name is Locke? (Sayid even stopped him from saying the name Locke).

"Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people." -- Hurley. So we know it's moved on past Charlie.

Sun is in London. She talks to Ji Yeon on the phone as she tracks down Charles Widmore. If her daughter can talk, this is 2007, probably shortly before the O6 returns to the island. Widmore pretends not to know who she is at first. Then...

Widmore does business with Sun's father.
She says he knows they've been lying all this time about where they were and what went on there.
She hands him her card, saying they have common interests.
"As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." (So does she mean Desmond, or Ben? Almost surely Ben).
Widmore's final question: Why would you want to help me? She looks at him like, duh, this should be obvious, and walks away, but perhaps there's more to it. He wants Ben, but maybe he thinks she knows that he really has bad intentions?