Kate wakes in the middle of the night, hearing something. Her phone rings. Some clicks and a backwards-talking male voice (which we have found out says, "The island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late"). She hears a door creak, grabs her gun, runs to Aaron's room. On his door is a big black and white drawing of the white rabbit. Over Aaron is a figure... Claire. All she says is, "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back!" I have a few thoughts on this: 1) "Him" - though Claire is standing over Aaron - is not totally specific. Could be Claire means Ben, or Locke, or even Jack. 2) I'm going to assume she means Aaron. Which a) means that this functions as the reason none of us fans will throw a fit later when Kate doesn't bring Aaron with her when she returns to the island where Aaron's mother - we think - is residing, b) perhaps is a warning that while Claire loves Aaron, she realizes now that he HAS been "raised by another" (no fault of Kate's, she did fine, it's just that prophecy worked against her), he is somehow changed, maybe even in some Damien / Omen/ Antichrist weird way, and no one who has a priority of guarding the island as we might assume Claire does now would want that sort of child to get near it.

Kate wakes from this dream... and realizes Aaron is fine, and Claire is not there. But she's willing to listen to Jack now. She cries and says "I'm sorry" to Aaron.

Crazy beared Jack blaring the rock music drives to the funeral parlor that night, and breaks in. Ben has followed him there. Who's in the coffin? Who is this mysterious Jeremy Bentham? The one and only John Locke, dead as dead can be. Bentham had told Jack that Ben was off the island. Jack saw him about a month ago, as did Kate. He told Jack that after they left, bad things happened on the island. It was Jack's fault for leaving, and he had to come back.

  • "The island won't let you come alone," says Ben. They all have to go back. Sounds impossible to Jack:
  • No idea where Sayid is
  • Hurley is insane
  • Sun blames me for what happened to Jin
  • Kate won't talk to him anymore

(Ben offers to help with that (he'll be sending that lawyer to her house soon enough, we know, to get her into her old pattern of running)

  • Appearances of the Numbers: 8 people survived the wreck of 815 in the O6 cover story - Kate, Jack, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, plus Boone, Libby, and Charlie, who all died. That made 5, then Aaron being born made 6; 108 is the day the O6 set sail in a raft from the island they had been on in their lie; 15 years old are the Dharma saltines that Hurley munches on; all the numbers are on the odometer and guages of the Camaro Hurley's dad restored. He doesn't want it; 15 is the number painted on the white rabbit in the Orchid video; 8:15 the time Sayid kills the man keeping tabs on Hurley outside Santa Rosa.
  • Deaths: Keamy's whole team, via attack by Others; Omar, by Keamy kicking a grenade away from himself and next to Omar; Keamy, by Ben; lots of people on the freighter, including Michael and perhaps Jin, by Keamy's death causing the C-4 to explode/

Themes Established or Revisited

  1. Luck. The co-pilot of the cargo plane carrying the O6 to Hawaii cites "bad mojo," and therefore strokes a rabbit's foot for luck ... Hurley doesn't want his money back - any of it. It was "bad luck" ... the keys to the Camaro are on a rabbit's foot keychain.
  2. Lies. The most important of which is THE lie that the O6 are telling, and which only Jack seems really committed to. It includes Kate having to lie about Aaron's age, because surely the Marshall service would have noticed if she had been 8 months pregnant, but maybe if she was just 6 she could have hidden it.

    "You know when most people are lying and they can't look you in the eye? You do the exact opposite." -- Kate, to Jack.

    "Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you." -- Locke.
  3. Time.

    "At least we'll have a warning - buy ourselves some time." -- Michael

    Locke: Is he talking about what I think he was talking about?
    Ben: If you mean time-travelling bunnies, then yes.

    Charlotte: I'm going to stay Daniel. For now.
    Daniel: There is no more 'for now.' If you don't come with me now, could be forever.
    Charlotte: Nothing's forever.

    "Pardon me sir, do you have the time?" -- Sayid, the first words of the final hour of Season Four.
  4. Safety.

    Jack: Sayid, how'd you get here.
    Sayid: I took the Zodiac from the freighter.
    Jack: Is it safe?
    Sayid: It's safe now.
    Safety might be the most relative condition in the human experience. In the same situation, one person might feel or be perfectly safe, while someone else feels or is unsafe. The freighter is safe from having any mercs on it, but that doesn't mean it's safe as in not going to explode. We have this incredible yearing we can't ignore to be safe. But considering the world can reach us anywhere, or considering that the worst that can happen is death (and for those who know God, this is a blessing), it's illogical that we would spend so much time striving for and worrying about safety. In other cultures where there is less to lose, they do it less. And one might argue they are more free than those who live in the world's freest country for it.

    Sayid: This isn't a visit. I want you to go with me.
    Hurley: Go where?
    Sayid: Somewhere safe.

    "Fly safe," says Sun's mother to her over the phone in the flash-forward.
  5. Sacrifice. Ben gives himself up to Keamy (but he has a plan to get out of it) ... Sawyer sacrifices by jumping out of the helicopter ... Michael sacrifices himself to hold off the explosion as long as he can, and to hopefully redeem himself ... Jin sacrifices to make sure Sun gets on the helicopter. At the end of Season Three, we had Charlie's sacrifice, and at the end of Season Two, Desmond's (which he was blessed to survive). At the end of Five, we'll have Juliet's.
  6. Fear. This was much more prevalent in the first season, but we see the O6 starting to deal with it more and more. Here, it presents as paranoia. Hurley doesn't want to slip into it, Sayid finds paranoia is what's keeping him alive. Now that's a sad life.

The Game