Keamy tells Ben he's not bluffing about his dead-man's trigger.

"My name is John Locke, and I have no conflict with you." -- to Keamy. Locke here tries to save the people on the boat, too. Locke once told Ben he wasn't him, and it's proved clear and true in a good way here. Locke wants to find a mutual solution, Ben believes (knows?) there isn't one, so he kills Keamy, knowing the boat people - "innocents" (relative term) - will die. Different approaches. Which is right, which is wrong? If we knew that, this wouldn't be such a heavy topic around election time and during war time. But one clue as to how the producers feel is that they make Ben - once he has immoblized and neutralized and beaten Keamy - still has no intentions of helping Locke stabilize him so that the boat people can live. He's too focused on watching Keamy did and satisfying his angry vengeful bloodlust.

Hurley is playing chess against an empty chair, but he apparently believes he is having a game with Mr. Eko

Before Hurley leaves Santa Rosa, his black queen goes all the way diagonal across board to take the white rook: "Checkmate, Mr. Eko."

Keamy [dying]: Wherever you go, Widmore will find you.
Ben: Not if I find him first.
My first question is, what makes Keamy so sure Ben is going anywhere? Does he know Ben either can't or is not going to stay? Either way, the game and the hunt remains on.

Widmore says Sun's father is "quite the golfer," and he owes him dinner. It's enough for me to distrust Widmore that he golfs with that guy. Nobody on LOST creeps me out more than Mr. Paik and his Popeye stare.

"It's dark, Jack. Very dark." -- Ben, to crazy bearded Jack, about flying planes hoping they'll crash. Indicating Jack has switched sides of the board?

Black-and-white: chess pieces in Hurley's room at Santa Rosa.

Religious References

"Ready, willing, and able to share what they know, and they will follow your every word." -- Ben, to Locke, about going to lead the Others. This is TOO GOOD to be true. It's Locke's version of heaven. Which is why it's so perfect that Ben - perhaps knowing or expecting the time-skipping that could occur when he turns the wheel, sending everyone flying like they had been on a record player that stopped suddenly - only lets him have a few minutes IN his Heaven before he is yanked away.

On the life raft, Kate says "it's a miracle" that Aaron is okay... despite the crash, his mom's abandonment, everything. And I'm a little uneasy at this - is Aaron special too in surviving childhood injury/accident/trauma, like Locke, Ben, etc.? Is he the next creepy island leader?

"God Almighty," says Lapidus right after Hurley has explained the the island got moved... and right before Penny's boat comes into view.

Mysteries or Questions Since Solved

  • How is it that Miles and Charlotte both have been to the island before?
  • What does Sawyer whisper to Kate before he jumps?
  • Is Kate the "other person" Sun blames for what happens to Jin? Since she said she was going back for him but didn't bring him back? Might it be Jack, who didn't let Kate
  • Did Jin survive the freighter explosion?
  • When the island "disappears," how come those on the ocean (Jin, Zodiac folks) stayed with it, while those in the helicopter did not?
  • Is Locke really dead? How did he die? Did he really kill himself? Might the island bring him back to life?

Mysteries or Questions Still Needing Answers